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Thursday, November 5, 2009

My Poetic Day

I'm probably not going to be able to put up picture posts for awhile, because the computer that has the picture files is not working. Luckily, I have a premade post I will be putting out in a few days. But right now, I have a special poem I wrote describing my day. I got the idea from Eldarwen's blog, except I put it into poem form. I had better explain a little about myself. I am homeschooled and I use the teaching DVD's from Abeka. My Mom is a health minister for Hallelujah Acres, a type of health program, so we eat healthy stuff, like carrot juice. I have a black Tennesee Walker mare named Mocha, and I love the color pink. That's the color of my room and clothes. Okay, that's enough to understand the poem. Sorry if it's not very good, but I was bored.

My Day

This morning I woke up at six,
And left my soft pink bed. 1
I put on my robe and went outside
To make sure the cats were fed.

Then I went straight to my schoolroom,
To start on algebra first. 2
Algebra's not my best subject.
In fact, it's probably my worst.

I sat there quietly listening to
The teacher's steady droning. 3
She explained about trinomials
While I just sat there, moaning.

After the tortured minutes were over,
I jumped from my chair and ran out. 4
I leaped over furniture, bounced off the walls,
And cartwheeled all about.

I sat down at the computer chair,
After regaining my senses. 5
I scrolled around, checked my blog,
And broke down the computer's defences.

It was then eight o'clock, time to go
And complete the rest of school. 6
I did not want to, I'd rather not.
But alas, it was the rule.

I was working on Biology,
When I heard the sound of mixing. 7
I peeked out my door, and saw
That it was carrot juice Mom was fixing.

I grabbed my cup of juice
And began to chug it down. 8
I choked and spluttered on it so much,
That Mom began to frown.

After another carrot juice,
I worked through until lunch. 9
I put in a show called Lord of the Rings,
And on my salad I started to munch.

At twelve o'clock, I went back to work,
And finished at half-past two. 10
I put on my jeans and went outside,
For there was much to do.

I decided to get my mare, Mocha.
I grabbed a halter and rope. 11
She sometimes is quite tricky to catch
Because she's such a dope.

After my ride was over,
I went and fed the dogs. 12
I worked my way down to the creek,
And chopped up some dry logs.

Then my sister, Christy, came,
Together, we built a fire. 13
She said she was doing all the work,
And I called her a liar.

Then we toasted marshmallows.
Mine were burned quite black. 14
Soon, we packed up all our stuff,
And began the long trip back.

By the time we got back home,
The sky had grown quite dark. 15
Our watch dog, Callie, saw us coming,
And she began to bark.

We ran and jumped onto the porch,
And opened up the door. 16
We both took off our boots and packs,
And dropped them on the floor.

Once we changed our dirty clothes,
We sat and watched a movie. 17
I thought it was pretty good.
In fact, it was quite groovy.

Very soon, it was time for bed,
And I agreed quite gladly. 18
I was feeling very tired,
And I needed the rest quite badly.

As I think about my day,
There is a feeling of sorrow. 19
I wish it had not ended so soon,
Oh well, I'll start again tommorrow.

The End

You probably didn't understand stanza 5, about the computer's defences. It's kind of a joke between Mom and I. The computer keeps freezing up after I use it, and for some reason, Mom says it's my fault. lol. Did you notice my use of the word 'groovy' in stanza 17? lol again. :D I hoped you enjoyed it.


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