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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Back From the Frozen Tundra.

Hey y'all! I'm back from Minnesota! =D =D =D We got back at about 2:00 this morning. It was kinda scary driving that late at night! I didn't catch a wink of sleep in the van, Dad was scaring me! lol =D Arkansas has had a record amount of snow while we were gone, (over a foot!) and also, record cold temperatures. It was PLENTY cold in Minnesota, let me assure you! lol We did some pretty cool things, well, one in particular, but I shall have to inform you about that at a later time.

I got several new shirts and one skirt, all of which I am very pleased about. =) I got this one yellow shirt that is so super-bright and fluorescent that you will go blind if you look at it too hard when I'm standing in the sun. Haha! I love it! My taste in clothes is definitely changing. I'm starting to get brighter, more unusual clothing and patterns. It's quite fun! In the past, all of my clothing has been very reserved. I still like that, but just examining my wardrobe of late, I have noticed a definite change in the direction.

So, I REALLY wanted to be at church this morning, but alas, it was not to be. =/ We left yesterday afternoon, something I don't understand and didn't like. If we would have left in the morning, we could have been home at a decent hour, and still have gone to church this morning! *sigh* Oh well, no use crying over spilled milk, I suppose. =) Anyway, just wanted to say hi and that I'm SO glad to be back!

Sunday, February 6, 2011



Friday, February 4, 2011

Greetings From Minnesota!

Trivia: Did you know that Minnesota is known as the state of ten thousand lakes? Anyhoo, I'm here! I lived through the ride up here, even thought it was tough. Whew! *wipes forehead* lol jk It actually wasn't that bad. Most of the roads down south were plowed, so although they were QUITE bumpy, they weren't slippery. And, as we got up north, these people are definitely prepared for storms, so the roads had all been plowed and salted, and were as smooth as....yogurt! And April's wooden floor. lol I've had a couple of mishaps when my socks slipped on her nice, smooth florr. Grrrr.....jk April has a beautiful house! Also, she runs a daycare from it. That's the main reason I didn't want to come up here. I didn't want to deal with a bunch of bratty kids. BUT, I discovered that I way overreacted, and my dismal attitude was for naught. The only "bratty" kid only stays here from 8:00 to 8:40, and I was asleep, or trying to sleep, during that time. I was sleeping downstairs in the computer room so I wouldn't be disturbed when the kids started arriving at the morning! But, it sounded like everyone in the house was playing "elephant stampede" on the floor above me! Needless to say, I did not get much sleep. =)

Also, the kids are either upstairs, or downstairs, never both places at once. Therefore, they can be easily avoided. We have a few things planned for this visit. We are going to go tubing, visit the Mall of America, and Dad and I are going to take a couple of sight-seeing road trips. (We go crazy just sitting around the house) And, of course, the SUPER BOWL! *awesome music* That's probably the main reason for this trip. Dad wants to watch the game with Nic. And yes, in case any of you may wonder, we are PACKER fans! Yeah! In fact, I made a bet with Ryan. He chickened out of the most humiliating parts of the agreement, but it was still fun, mainly because I won. But, he's a Bears fan, and if any of you all watch football, then you are aware that the Bears LOST to the Packers over a week ago. HA! >=) But, before the game, we both set our profile pics to ones of us wearing our team fan gear. I had a cheese head, Ryan had a Bears sweater. (I'm braver than he is) lol jk. Now, I wanted to further the bet to include that the loser had to have a pic taken with the victorious team stuff, and had to hold a sign saying that the team that beat them is awesome. LOL But, sadly, Ryan was not confident enough for that. Oh was still awesome fun.

Oh! Speaking of Ryan, I would like to request that y'all pray for him. Doggone it, I alerted everyone else, but forgot about posting on my blog! *deskface* But, Ryan was sick yesterday and the day before with the flu. That in itself is bad, but he is also diabetic, and it REALLY messed up his blood sugar and stuff. He says he's feeling better now, but he's still recovering, so please, pray for him! Thanks for everything y'all! =)

Monday, January 31, 2011

Ice is Nice.

Wow, I have really got to get into the practice of thinking up good titles. I just looked at the forecast for Arkansas, and we're expecting some SERIOUS weather on Tuesday!!! =D =D Now, my northern friends will probably scoff at this, and my southern friends will probably be amazed. But nevertheless, I will tell you that we are expecting about a quarter inch of ice and anywhere from 5-12 inches of snow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =D =D =D =D Amazing, right??? I'm so excited! I just hope that the electricity doesn't go out. =O But, the storm may pose a problem. You see, we're supposed to go up to Minnesota on Thursday. Mom tried to convince Dad to leave early, but he said that he couldn't really leave yet, and besides, he's sure he can get out, even if the roads ARE icy. So, pray that we don't die. lol I don't want to go anyway, so it doesn't really matter to me. =) Anyway, I can't wait for SNOW! (and ice)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Story.

This is a story I wrote for some of my best friends: Ryan, Rebekah, and Nabil. I was really bored, so I just decided to write one. =) I have another one that I wrote in Florida that I might post another time. This is pretty long, so please, if you don't want to, don't read it. I just thought I would post it in case someone was interested. =) I was thinking on the poem "Jack and Jill" one day, and trying to find out what it means. This story is my explanation. =D

"Jack and Jill went up a hill to fetch a pail of water.
Jack fell down and broke his crown
And Jill came tumbling after."

Rebekah came in the church foyer to hear Taylor reciting the poem. "What's that?"
"Jack and Jill," Taylor answered. "I randomly got it stuck in my head this morning and started thinking about it."
"What's there to think about?" Rebekah asked.
"Well, for instance, just think about the meaning. It's actually quite disturbing....and mysterious. Two kids go up a hill to get water, implying that there's a well at the top. Now why in the world would there be a well at the top of a hill? The water table is much lower, and a well would be built in a valley, or at least not on top of a hill!"
"Taylor, I think you're reading too much into this...."
Taylor kept talking, "That clumsy kid fell down and broke his crown. Now why would he be wearing a crown? He must have been royalty. Why would a royal person be fetching water? It doesn't make sense! And Jill came tumbling after. Was she mentally challenged? Or just overly protective? Something had to be wrong with her; no one in their right mind would willingly throw themselves down a hill just to get there faster."

Rebekah stared at Taylor. "And why is this so important?" she asked. Taylor stood there, breathing heavily. "Because!" she finally shouted. "This is a mystery we must solve! It doesn't add up. We might be the first ones to solve a centuries old mystery! That's why!"
"Okay, okay, chill!" Beka held up her hands. "What are you planning to do about it?"
"Well....I don't know," Taylor admitted. "But I'll think of something."
"Hey guys," Nabil said, coming into the church with Ryan close behind. "What's up?"
"Don't ask," Beka whispered to Nabil. Ryan was immersed in his iphone, oblivious to all else.
"Glad you asked!" Taylor said.
"Oh great," Beka shook her head sadly as Taylor proceeded to explain the whole thing all over again.

"Wow. That is....interesting," Nabil said once Taylor had finished.
"It's weird, that what it is," Beka contradicted.
"Oh yeah? What do you think it mean?" Taylor challenged.
"I think it's an innocent little nursery rhyme that some moron made up! And besides, I'm fairly positive that 'crown' means the top of his head."
"No it's not! It's much more!" Taylor yelled back.
Beka and Taylor continued to argue back and forth until Nabil yelled, "Stop it guys! Now I have a way to settle this, but you have to promise not to tell anyone!"
"We promise!" Beka and Taylor said in unison.
"Okay, we'll have to go down behind the new gym. That's where I built it."
"Built what?" Rebekah asked as they followed Nabil. Ryan was still on his phone, and had not heard a word anyone said, so Taylor grabbed his sleeve and towed him along.

Nabil led them around the back of the new gym, then into the trees. She walked up to a tree, and bent a branch down. A door opened in the trunk. Beka and Taylor were shocked as they followed Nabil down the winding steps, Ryan still in tow. "Nabil!" Taylor shrieked. "I didn't know you had a secret lab!"
"Yep!" Nabil said proudly. "Over here is the time machine," she said, leading them to a corner. "Awesome!" Beka exclaimed. "How does it work?"
"Well, this time machine is quite special. I'm just going to type "Jack and Jill" into the type pad. You guys can go ahead and get in." While Nabil pecked in the words with one finger, Taylor leaned over her shoulder to watch. Rebekah grabbed Ryan's sleeve and pulled him into the machine. "Okay, that should do it!" Nabil said. She and Taylor got into the machine, in front of Ryan and Rebekah. "Now, when we get back in time, we're going to fit in. Like we've been part of the community for our whole lives. People will know us. You'll just have to play along as best as you can." Having said this, Nabil reached up and pulled a lever. Everything went black.

"Oooh, I feel strange," Beka moaned, holding her hand up to her head. Her hand bumped into something on her head. Confused, she raised both hands to her head and felt a strange hat/headdress thing. "What in the world am I wearing?" she wondered. She lowered her hands and found that she was in an elegant room decorated beautifully. "Where am I?" she asked herself. This certainly wasn't her room. Suddenly, she remembered Nabil's words. She was back in time! Most likely England. Beka rushed to a window and looked out. She saw guards and a huge fence. She opened the window and leaned out, craning her neck to see above her. She was in the palace!

As she backed away from the window, she caught sight of herself in a mirror. In disbelief, she turned and approached her reflection. She wore a long, flowing dress, and a strange hat thing on her head. "I look ridiculous!" she exclaimed. Just then, a knock sounded on the door. "Lady Rebekah?" a voice inquired. "Hmm? Oh, come in," she said. A man wearing a ridiculous outfit came in and said, "Sir Ryan requests an audience with you." Rebekah almost choked trying to stifle her laughter. Sir Ryan? "Oh, well, show him in then," she said grandly with a sweep of her hand. The page bowed and stepped aside to let Ryan in, then backed out.

"Well, Sir Ryan, it's good to see you in all your...splendor," Rebekah said, trying not to laugh. Ryan wore an interesting outfit consisting of green pointed shoes, yellow tights, a long purple tunic that hung to his knees, and a huge ruffled collar. "Oh yeah?" Ryan said, his cheeks red. "You're one to talk."
Beka looked down at her dress with the gaily colored streamers flowing from it and the ridiculously long train, the huge bustle, and countless ornaments, not to mention the long pointed hat on her head with a bit of lace hanging down the back.
"Oh whatever. Have you seen Taylor and Nabil?"
"Um, now that you mention it, I haven't. Let's ask the page." Ryan opened the door and beckoned to the page waiting outside.
"Yes sir?" the page asked, bowing low.
"I would like to inquire as to the whereabouts of , um, Ladies Nabil and Taylor," Ryan said with an English accent.
"Sir, I'm afraid that there are no members of the royal court with those names. Could you be mistaken?"
"No he isn't," Beka came forward and said. "You must be wrong."
The page swallowed and said, "Lady Rebekah, I am sorry, but there is no one here by either of those names!"
Rebekah looked more frustrated, and the page looked more frightened. "Um, yes, well, thank-you for your help, you are dismissed," Ryan said, interrupting. The page gratefully backed out of the door.
"What's his problem?" Beka asked, puzzled by the man's strange behavior. "He's probably afraid that if he angers you, you'll have him beheaded or something!" Ryan said. "Oh. Good point. But what about Nabil and Taylor?"
"I don't know. I guess we'll just have to try to find them," Ryan suggested.

Just then, a knock sounded on the door. "Lady Rebekah, Sir Ryan?" A man entered behind the page. "The parade will be starting in an hour. I will send your servants to your rooms. Be sure to be ready." With that, he left as abruptly as he had come.

"Oh great. A parade," Beka groaned, falling on the bed. "I don't know, a parade might be fun," Ryan said, looking at his reflection in the full-length mirror. "Oh shut up," Beka said, coming off of the bed.
They heard yet another knock on the door. "Oh good grief!" Beka exclaimed, yanking open the door. A surprised group of women jumped back. "Who are you?" Beka asked. The leader timidly came forward and said, "Why, we're your servants. It's time to start getting ready for the parade."
"Oh, right," Beka rolled her eyes. "Would one of you please show Sir Ryan back to his rooms?"
"Fine, I can take a hint," Ryan said, following one of the servants down the hall. For the moment, Taylor and Nabil were completely forgotten.

"Ow....." Nabil held a hand up to her aching head. "I don't remember that machine having this effect before." A terrible smell snapped her out of her daze. "What in the world......" her sentence trailed off as she surveyed her surroundings. She was sitting in an alley, leaning up against a wall. Waste and trash littered the narrow street. The place smelled awful. Nabil immediately got up from the filthy ground and brushed off her dress. The material was coarse and tattered. She looked down and saw that she was wearing a dark ragged dress made of heavy material and worn boots. "Good thing it's warm outside," she thought wryly.

"Ohhhhhh....." a moan came from the other side of the alley. "Who's there?" Nabil asked, advancing a step. "Me," a voice answered.
"Taylor? What are you doing over there?" Nabil asked, not entirely sure that it was actually Taylor.
"Enjoying the landscape," Taylor answered.
Yep, definitely her. Taylor struggled to her feet and brushed off her dress, which was quite similar to Nabil's. "What a nasty color," Taylor complained, running her hand over her dirty skirt. Nabil silently agreed, but decided not to further Taylor's bad mood. "Where are we anyway?" Taylor asked grumpily. "My guess would be England," Nabil answered. "That's where most nursery rhymes were written."
Taylor looked around. "Where's Ryan and Beka?"
"I don't know, I haven't seen them. But they must be around. Come on, let's look."

Just then, a couple of women came down the alley. "Hey, where have you guys been?" one said in a rough voice. "We were in the palace playing cards with the king. Where do you think?" Taylor snapped, still in a bad mood. Nabil elbowed her and said, "Nowhere."
"Well then, come on, the meeting's about to start." The women beckoned for them to follow. They led them down several winding streets until they reached a run-down little house down an alleyway. Nabil and Taylor stepped into the dimly-lit interior and saw a dozen other women sitting in chairs or on the floor. "Good, we're all here," a tall, strong-looking woman said, standing up. "What's going on?" Taylor whispered to Nabil. "Shhh, we're apparently part of some group," Nabil whispered back.

"Tonight, we execute Plan Jack and Jill," the woman said. There were several small cheers from the women. "I know we've all waited a long time for this, and the time has finally come. Does everyone know their part?"
"No!" a voice rang out. Nabil looked over and saw Taylor standing. "I have no idea what you guys are talking about!" she yelled. Everyone looked at her strangely. "She was hit on the head earlier today, and has forgotten the plan," Nabil said hastily. "Oh. All right. Um, someone take her aside and explain the plan."
A short woman grabbed Taylor's hand and pulled her to a side room. Taylor yanked her hand away and eyed the woman suspiciously. "Relax," Nabil whispered. "Now things will start to make sense."

"All right, so this plan is called Jack and Jill," the woman began. "Why?" Taylor interrupted. "Shut up," the woman glared at her. Taylor, subdued, sat back and pouted, holding a hand to her head. Nabil's headache had faded; Taylor must have either been knocked around in the machine, or she was still in a bad mood. "You've all heard this new poem, right?:
Jack and Jill went up a hill 
To fetch a pail of water
Jack fell down and broke his crown
And Jill came tumbling after. 

"Yeah. But what does that have to do with the plan?" Nabil asked. "Well, this poem was written because King Charles raised taxes. And we're not going to stand for it! So, it's actually a code that all the members of our all-women gang, including you, know. Jack and Jill are the king and queen. 
'Went up a hill to fetch a pail of water' pertains to tonight. All of us women are going to impersonate as servants, and when we infiltrate the palace tonight, one woman is going to slip a powder into the king's cup which will make him very thirsty. It takes a few hours to kick in. So, he'll wake up in the middle of the night and ring for water. That's when the 'maids' will come in with his drink. 
'Jack fell down and broke his crown'. That's when we'll do away with the king. 'And Jill came tumbling after'. And the queen will be next." The woman laughed loudly, then left the room to join the rest of the women.

Nabil and Taylor looked at each other in amazement. "How in the world did we manage to become a part of an all-women gang with a plan to assassinate the king?!" Nabil exclaimed. "Easy. I'm here," Taylor said, leaning back in her chair with a grin on her face. "Really. This is no time for joking. We need to find Beka and Ryan, and find out what to do!" Nabil said. "Okay, okay. But how? London is huge!" Taylor said pessimistically. Nabil was about to answer, when a woman leaned in the doorway and said, "Come on, the parade is about to start! We need to get a look at what kind of shape the king's servants and guards are in." 
"Just a minute, we're talking," Taylor snapped. 
"You get out here right now or I'll slug you so hard you won't be able to talk for weeks!" The woman turned and stalked out. 
Taylor, although furious, decided that it definitely would not be wise to tangle with her, and with an effort, shut her mouth. "Come on, we had better follow," Nabil said, running after the group. 

"This outfit is even worse than the last one!" Beka complained. "But my lady, we must go! The parade is about to begin!" the servant pleaded. "Oh, all right," Beka consented grudgingly. "I should think that you would be anxious to get on the float," another maid said coyly. "After all, your intended is waiting to ride next to you." 
"My what?" Beka fairly yelled. The woman looked surprised. "Why, Prince Dustin, of course," she answered. "Prince who?" Beka asked, her voice cracking. "Well it doesn't matter, I am NOT marrying him!" she said emphatically before the maid could answer. "But-" the maid's sentence was cut short by Beka's scowl. Another servant whispered to her and said, "They are waiting for us, Lady Rebekah." 
"Oh, all right. Is, um, Sir Ryan, going to be in the parade?" Rebekah asked as they made their way down the halls to the front of the palace. 
"Yes, I believe so. But you, as the prince's fiance, will be toward's the front. I think Sir Ryan will be in the middle somewhere." 
"Rats," Beka muttered. She really needed to talk to Ryan about a plan for finding Nabil and Taylor. 

The maids hastened her out to where the final preparations were being made. Rebekah caught a fleeting glance of Ryan in another spectacular outfit, but didn't have a chance to talk to him. A man saw her coming and said, bowing hastily, "Lady Rebekah, we're about to leave." He directed her to a ladder that went to the top of the float, which was pulled by ten horses. Beka climbed up and sat down on the velvet seat. "Hello," a voice next to her said. Beka whirled around to see a young man sitting next to her. He bore a striking resemblance to- "W-what's your name?" Beka asked in horror. He smiled and tossed his head, flinging the hair out of his eyes. "Dustin. Dustin Biever." 

Ryan could hear Beka's scream all the way back from where he sat. He stood up to go see what was wrong, but just then, a whistle pierced the air, and the parade began moving forward. Ryan settled back. After all, nothing could be too wrong with her. 

"Come on, Taylor, let's get closer!" Nabil said, grabbing her hand and pulling her closer. They managed to push to the front of the crowd lining the street. "Here it comes!" one of the gang-members shouted. Nabil leaned over and saw the first float approaching. The king and queen were on it, smiling and waving. The queen occasionally threw out handfuls of gold that the ragged people scrambled for. All the women of the gang stared hard at the bodyguards. "We should be able to handle them," one whispered. "I think y'all are crazy," Taylor said. One gave her a hard push that sent her backwards and effectively shut her mouth. "Well, we saw what we needed to see," the leader said. "Let's go." The rest of the gang murmured agreement and followed her as she began to make her way out of the crowd. 

Nabil was about to follow when she saw another float approaching, beautifully decorated. She looked back, she could catch up to the others. She just wanted to see this one float. She felt Taylor come up beside her. "What are we waiting for?" Taylor asked, rubbing her shoulder. "I just want to see who's in this one," Nabil explained. "Oh. Okay," Taylor said. A man pushed by, holding a sandwich. "Hey, watch it bud," Taylor said, snatching his sandwich as she pushed him along. "Want some?" she asked Nabil. "Um, yeah, sure," Nabil absently took the offered piece. 

"Taylor! Look!" Nabil shouted, grabbing Taylor's arm. "Nabil!" Taylor whined. "You made me drop my sandwich!" 
"Forget about the stupid sandwich! That's Beka!" Nabil pointed. 
"Beka?! What's she doing there?!" Taylor demanded. 
"Taylor," Nabil said in an awed tone. "Look who's sitting next to her." 
"Wh-why, it-it's-" Taylor stammered. 
"JUSTIN BIEBER!" Nabil screamed. "It's Justin Bieber!" she screamed again, shaking Taylor so hard she fell down. 
"Oh my gosh!" Taylor shrieked from the ground. She got up and jumped up and down. "I'm here Justin! I'm here!" she screamed. "Shut up Taylor, you're too tall for him!" Nabil pushed her over. "Justin! Justin!" she yelled while Taylor sat on the ground in tears because of her cursed height. 
Rebekah had inched as far away as possible from her fiance during the ride. She couldn't quite shake the feeling that at any moment, he may randomly burst into a chorus of "Baby". She heard screaming off to her left and saw two girls jumping up and down. Something about them seemed familiar......."Nabil!" she waved frantically, recognizing her friend. "Beka!" Nabil shouted, Taylor rising beside her. "I have to talk to you!" 
Beka thought quickly. "Guard," she said. "Arrest those two and bring them to me at the palace." 
"Yes, my lady," he bowed. "On what charges?"
Rebekah thought for a moment, then whispered something to him. He nodded gravely and marched off.

Nabil and Taylor didn't see the guard until he was almost upon them. "What do you want?" Taylor asked.
"You are hereby under arrest," he growled in answer. "Oh yeah? On what charges?" Nabil demanded. "By order of Lady Rebekah, you are arrested on the charge of loving her intended."
Nabil and Taylor shared a look. "Guilty as charged," Nabil laughed, high-fiving Taylor, who laughed with her.
"Enough!" the guard said. He snapped cuffs on their wrists and prodded them along with his spear, herding them through the crowd toward the palace. "Could we possibly walk a little faster?" Taylor asked. "The prince's float is just ahead."

Ryan, relaxing on his velvet couch atop the float, saw Taylor and Nabil being escorted by the guard. "Hey!" he yelled. His personal guard stepped up. "What's wrong?" he asked, bowing. "Go ask the guard what he's doing with those two!" Ryan said quickly, pointing. "Yes, sir." The guard quickly jumped down and overtook the trio. Ryan waited impatiently as his float moved along slowly. Finally, the guard returned. "He says that his business is confidential."
"Well, I order them released!" Ryan said.
"I'm sorry, Sir Ryan, but the order came from a higher-ranking courtier. The prince's intended bride," the guard explained.
"Pig snout!" Ryan said in frustration. As soon as they got to the palace, he would figure out this whole mess.
"Charming," Taylor said as they passed into the prison. "Gross is more like it," Nabil said, wrinkling her nose at the bad smell. "Didn't Rebekah tell you to give us our own private cells?" Taylor complained. "Silence!" the guard gave her a sharp poke in the ribs. "Don't call a noble by her first name alone!"
"Sheesh, sorrrrrryyyy!" Taylor said. The guard shoved them into a cell and said, "Lady Rebekah will be arriving at the palace soon. Then you shall be brought before her."
"Okay. We'll be here waiting, don't worry," Taylor yelled after his retreating back.
"Taylor, you are just so good at making friends," Nabil said with a slight grin.
"Hmph," was Taylor's only comment. She spied a cot in the corner and promptly collapsed on it. Nabil sighed, good, maybe she would wake in a better mood. Nabil tried to slide her cuffs off, but they were too tight. The only thing to do was to wait until Beka called for them.
The stupid parade was finally over. Rebekah jumped down as soon as possible, away from that horrible guy. "See you later," he called after her. "Not if I can help it," she muttered. She hiked up her skirts and ran through the gates and up to her room, her bodyguards trailing behind her. As soon as she got there, she turned to her breathless guards and said, "Inform Sir Ryan that I would like him to come. Immediately."
"Yes, my lady," the guard bowed, hurrying away.

"Lady Rebekah?" a knock came on the door. "Yes?" she said, hoping it was Ryan. "Sir Ryan," the page announced, bowing as Ryan entered. "Beka, I don't have time for this!" Ryan said. "I don't care!" Beka yelled. "This is important!"
"Fine," Ryan said, folding his arms. "What's your problem?" 
Beka quickly told him. 
"Ah, okay," was all Ryan said when she was finished. 
"Now, what was your problem?" Beka asked. 
"Oh, nothing," Ryan answered vaguely.
"Good. Guard! Go fetch the prisoners!" Beka commanded. 
"My lady, prisoners can only be brought into the courtroom," he said, bowing. 
"Oh darn," Beka said. The guard looked at her strangely. 
"Well then, let's go to the courtroom. I guess we can clear everyone out." 
Nabil heard footsteps approaching and, being bored out of her mind, sat down quickly to the side of the door. The guard inserted the key in the lock and opened the door, stepping in. Nabil quickly stuck out her foot and tripped him, sending him sprawling. Nabil tried to stifle her laughter, but it didn't work entirely. "I should have you beheaded for that!" he snarled, jumping to his feet. 
"I'm scared," Nabil said, brushing off the dirt on her clothes. "But can we get going?" 
"Don't be addressing me so disrespectfully!" he shouted, drawing his sword. 
"Hey, can y'all shut up? I'm trying to sleep here!" Taylor's sleepy voice came from the cot. 
The guard stormed over and grabbed her by the arm, yanking her to her feet. 
Taylor looked up at him blearily. "Did you want something?" 
Rebekah and Ryan arrived at the courtroom just minutes before Taylor and Nabil. "What are we going to do about all these guards?" Rebekah whispered to Ryan as they sat in two elevated chairs at the front of the large room. "I'll take care of this," Ryan said, standing. Taking a deep breath, he said, "Lady Rebekah and I wish to interview our guests alone. Be assured that if either one of them attempts any manner of violence, that I will be able to handle it." 
A general chuckle swept through the sentries at the last statement. "Seriously, you guys. Ryan's got this," Rebekah said. Standing behind Ryan, she ran a finger across her neck, sending an unmistakable message. The guards bowed and trooped out in single file. 

Just then, the large double doors opened and the guards stepped in with Nabil and Taylor. "Here are the prisoners," the guard stated. "Thank-you," Ryan said. "Please take their cuffs off and leave us." 
"If I leave, I must leave their cuffs on," the guard said. 
"Oh. All right then, I guess." 
The guard bowed and left. 

"Nice place," Taylor commented. 
"Thanks. Now, how did you guys end up as commoners?" Ryan asked. 
"I don't know. It must have had something to do with how we were arranged in the time machine," Nabil shrugged. "But that's not the important thing! The king is in big trouble!" Nabil then proceeded to tell them of the assassination plot against the king. 

"Wow," Rebekah said once she had finished. "Who would have thought that's what that poem would mean? But what tax are they referring to?"
Taylor and Nabil shrugged. "I guess there's no way to find out," Rebekah said dejectedly. After a silence, Ryan said, digging in the pocket of his robe, said, "Actually, I do have my iPhone." 
All three girls stared at him in disbelief.
"Give me that!" Rebekah snatched it from him. 
"Hey Ryan," Taylor whispered. "Any chance of getting any food?" 
Ryan was too busy looking over Beka's shoulder to pay any attention. 

Suddenly, the huge double doors were pushed open. "Lady Rebekah, my love," a high-pitched male voice proclaimed. Beka quickly shoved Ryan's phone into his hand and stood up. "Don't call me that," she snapped. 
Dustin Biever entered with an entourage of personal servants. "My mother, the queen, wishes to speak with you," he said, looking hurt. 
"Oh darn," Rebekah sighed. "Fine then, let's go." 
Dustin held out his arm, and Rebekah grudgingly took it. Neither of them noticed that Nabil and Taylor had fainted on the floor. 

As soon as the procession had left, Ryan whipped out his iPhone again. Taylor, bored, dug around in her pocket. "Hey!" she shrieked. "I've got my phone too!" 
"Awesome!" Nabil said, grabbing it. "This will probably come in handy." 
"Too bad you and Beka didn't have your phones with you," Taylor said, frowning. 
"Yeah, well, we were still in school clothes and didn't have pockets," Nabil explained. 
"But there's no reception," Taylor sighed. 
"Well, of course. I wonder what Ryan's doing on his phone?" Nabil asked, walking towards him. She leaned over to see what he was doing. 

"Playing Angry Birds!" she exclaimed, snatching the phone. "Ryan, there are more important things at stake here!" 
"Oh, right, of course. Hey, where did Beka go?" he asked, looking around. Nabil rolled her eyes in exasperation. 

"We have to save the king," Nabil said. "I just don't know how." 
All three of them thought on this. Actually, only Ryan and Nabil were thinking about it. Taylor was trying to figure out how to get her handcuffs off. 
"Hey! I think I've got it!" Ryan exclaimed, snapping his fingers. He quickly told Nabil his plan. 
"No thanks, I've got it," Rebekah insisted as she yanked her arm away from Dustin's grasp. He looked at her, perplexed by her strange behavior, then shrugged and held the door of her room open for her. "Thanks, bye," Beka slammed the door in his face. She listened for his footsteps as he left, making sure he had gone. "I can't believe this!" she yelled in frustration. "Why?" she asked, looking up at the ceiling. 
A knock came at the door. Beka, in no mood for visitors, yanked it open. "What?" she snapped. 
Ryan jumped back in surprise. "Honestly Beka, one of these days, you'll have to remind me to teach you how to answer the door without scaring away your guests," he commented, walking in. 
"Please come in," she said sarcastically, slamming the door shut. 
"Don't you want to hear what happened with the meeting with Nabil and Taylor?" he asked, sitting on a red velvet chair. 
"Oh yes. What happened?" she asked eagerly. 
"Well, of course, I released them. But before they left, we worked out a plan to save the king!" 
"Oh good! Tell me everything." 
"I just don't feel good about this," Taylor said as they shuffled along through the night with the all-women gang. 
"Shh. No one asked you," Nabil said, tired of Taylor's pessimistic attitude. 
Taylor pouted but continued on as the women made their way to the palace. They were all dressed in maid's uniforms, which were concealed under dark cloaks. 
"All right, you all know where the secret entrance is, right?" the leader, who's name was Ingrid, whispered. 
"Yes," the women softly chorused. Ingrid had passed out weapons earlier. Taylor had snatched up a dagger, but Nabil had opted only for Taylor's phone, a crucial part of their plan. Apparently, one of the women had already slipped the powder into the king's wine earlier. When he got up to get a drink, which should be in about twenty minutes, the "maids" would converge and strike. 

"We're here," Ingrid whispered. The group came to a halt as one member stepped forward and tugged open the door. They stepped down into a dank passageway. Ingrid lit a torch and led them along. After about ten minutes of walking, Nabil looked back to see Taylor having a quiet discussion with one of the women about how to throw knives correctly. Nabil almost said something, but decided against it, as it would make her look suspicious. 

Ingrid stopped and pushed at a trap door on the ceiling. Finally shoving it open, she reached up and pulled herself through. The rest of the women followed, nervously fingering their weapons, eyes darting around for a sign of anyone. Taylor didn't know why they bothered. They were in a pitch black room. She couldn't see anything. "Nabil," she whispered, unable to see her friend. "Here," Nabil pushed towards her. "Shut up!" a couple of women hissed. "Watch this," Taylor whispered, a mischievous note in her voice. Before Nabil could say anything, she heard the sound of a slap and an outraged cry from Ingrid. "Who did that?!" she demanded. She heard a scuffling noise to the side and swung her fist. It hit another woman, who swung back at who she thought was Ingrid. "Better get down," Taylor whispered softly. Nabil quickly hunkered down next to her. Soon, the whole pack was scratching and slapping at each other. "Stop!" Ingrid ordered in a loud whisper. Slowly, the scrapping died down. "We have a job to do," she said. 

The door gently eased open, and all of the disheveled women stepped out. "Well, that was fun," Nabil said under her breath with a look at Taylor, who only grinned at her. "All right, you all know the plan." Ingrid gave the women their instructions on what posts to cover. Taylor and Nabil followed the women they were assigned with as they made their way down the winding halls. After awhile, Taylor nodded at Nabil, and they dropped back, quickly ducking into a doorway. 
"Are you sure that this is the right room?" Taylor whispered. Nabil nodded, then knocked softly. The door immediately opened and Rebekah yanked them in. "Is everything okay?" she asked anxiously. "Yeah, all is going according to plan," Nabil assured her. "Good. Let's get ready then." 

Ryan tiptoed stealthily through the halls, clutching his iPhone and the map that Taylor had given him. He studied it again as he walked. It showed where all the women were posted. According to this, there were three locations where they were posted in groups. He was assigned to the one by the kitchen. He stuffed the map in his pocket and tiptoed down the hall. Peering around the corner, he saw the four women standing guard. "Should have thought before of how to capture them," he muttered to himself. 

Suddenly, he had an idea. Pulling out his iPhone, he started a song. As soon as he pressed the button, he slid the phone across the floor. The women, completely mesmerized by the strange device, huddled around it. Ryan took this opportunity to go get a couple of guards. When he returned, the song had almost ended. Ryan and the guards easily sneaked up behind them, and Ryan left the guards to handle the thugs. 

"I'm not exactly sure of how to do this," Taylor whispered. The three girls were peeking down the hall at the group of women. Just then, Ryan came up behind them. "Don't sweat it, I've got it," he said. He played a song on his phone and slid it down the hall. The exact same thing happened again. This time though, they didn't have guards. While Nabil, Taylor and Ryan were fighting with the women, Rebekah ran and found a couple guards to help. When she got back, SOMEHOW, Ryan, Taylor and Nabil had managed to tie the women up. "Wow. Um, good job!" Rebekah said. "Thanks!" Nabil said, brushing off her skirt. "Come on, one more group left!" Ryan said. 

On their way down the hall, Beka suddenly pressed herself up against the wall. "What's wrong?" Ryan asked. "It's HIM!" she whispered. "Who?" Ryan said. Looking down the hall, he saw someone approaching. "Who is it?" he asked. "Rebekah! I've been looking everywhere for you!" Dustin said. "Justin Bieber!!!!!" Nabil and Taylor screeched. Dustin looked around. "Justin Bieber?" he questioned. "Dustin Biever," Rebekah told them. Taylor abruptly burst into laughter. Dustin looked offended. "Darling, who are these ruffians?" he asked Beka. "Don't call me that!" she yelled, wrenching her arm from his grasp. "And these 'ruffians' happen to be my friends! And I would like to speak to them alone!" 
Dustin looked hurt. "Fine then, I shall leave." He turned on his heel and strode down the hallway. 

"Come on, the group is just a little farther," Beka said, rounding a corner. Ryan followed. Taylor and Nabil stood in indecision. "Should we........?" Taylor let her sentence trail off. Nabil looked after Dustin's retreating back. "Definitely!" she said, darting down the hallway after him, Taylor in hot pursuit. 

"There they are," Rebekah whispered. She turned around to see that only Ryan was standing there. "Where's Taylor and Nabil?" she asked in outrage. Ryan shrugged. "Where could they have gone?" she stormed. "Ohhhhhhhh," Ryan said, figuring it out. "What?" Beka asked. "Dustin Biever," Ryan said simply. 

"That is fascinating," Dustin said to Nabil. He had a girl on each arm as he walked down the halls. "A princess by birth, but kidnapped and forced to live a life of poverty? How tragic!" 
"And what about you?" he asked, turning to Taylor. 
"I um, well, uh," she had been so busy looking at Dustin that she hadn't taken the time to think up a good story. 
"I'm........her sister," she said lamely. Dustin's eyebrows shot up in amazement. Nabil shook her head sadly. 

"I'm gonna kill them!" Beka said angrily. "Why Beka, it isn't like you to be jealous," Ryan couldn't help teasing. "I'm not and you know it! How are we supposed to take down this group without them?" 
Ryan was about to say something, when the huge double doors down at the end of the long hall opened, and the king came shuffling out. "Oh no!" Beka whispered. Ryan looked at his phone. "The twenty minutes are up!" 

Dustin and the girls rounded a corner and saw someone walking up ahead. "Is that Father?" Dustin asked, craning his neck, trying to see. "It is! Father!" Dustin called. The king, a tall man, turned. "Dustin! What are you doing out so late?" 
"I was about to ask you the same thing!" Dustin said. Nabil saw something move behind the king at the end of the hall. "Dustin...." she said, tugging on his arm. Dustin paid her no mind, and continued to talk to his father. 
This time, Taylor saw someone move behind the king, way down the hall. Looking closer, she saw that it was Ingrid! She was advancing toward the king, clutching a knife. "Dustin!" Taylor yelled, yanking on his arm. "Do not interrupt me while I am speaking to my father!" Dustin reprimanded her sternly. Disgusted, Taylor pulled her arm free and dashed down the hall towards the king. Nabil wanted to help, but she just couldn't seem to find the strength to pull away from Dustin. 

Ingrid saw Taylor's plan and began to run towards the king, knife raised. Taylor ran even harder and just as Ingrid raised the knife, Taylor tackled the king to the floor. Ingrid missed and was thrown off balance by her thrust. She fell, the knife gouging the floor inches from the king's leg. Taylor took this opportunity to kick Ingrid in the face, sending the woman staggering backwards. Taylor jumped up and tried to free the knife from the floor, but it was stuck fast. Seeing Ingrid coming at her, she quickly jumped out of the way before Ingrid could grab her. 

Nabil, seeing that help was needed, finally freed her arm and ran forward to free the knife. Dustin stood looking stunned, then turned and ran away down the hall. 

Taylor ran ahead of Ingrid's grabbing hands and stopped, turning to face her. At the same moment, she drew the knife from her boot. Ingrid skidded to a halt, eyeing the blade that Taylor was holding in front of her. Taylor knew that she couldn't possibly stab Ingrid, but she could definitely fake her out. Winding back, she threw the knife. Ingrid instinctively ducked as the knife flew harmlessly past. Taylor suddenly realized that she was without a weapon. 

Nabil finally freed the knife and came up behind Ingrid. "You might want to look behind you," Taylor said. Ingrid turned to find Nabil's knife at her throat. "Ha!" Taylor said triumphantly. Running around in front of Ingrid, she stuck her tongue out at the woman. Nabil gave Taylor a strange look. "Sorry, just excited," Taylor shrugged. 

Just then, a group of guards came running down the hall, led by Dustin. "Arrest that woman!" he yelled, pointing at Ingrid. The guards rushed forward and clamped handcuffs on her, taking her away. "I say, good job!" Dustin said in his English accent, coming forward. Rebekah and Ryan rounded the corner and ran towards the trio. "What happened?" Rebekah asked. "We saw this loser running past," she gestured to Dustin, "and we followed him to see what the ruckus was!" 
"We were fighting Ingrid," Nabil explained. 
"Yeah! And where were you?" Taylor asked Dustin in an accusing tone. 
Dustin looked offended. "I, of course, was alerting the guards!" he said. 
"Lamewad," Beka muttered. 
"Now don't be too hard on him," Nabil said, patting his arm. "Someone had to go." Dustin smiled at her, looping her arm through his. 
"I must leave," Dustin said. "I need to see to my father." 
"Oh good, because we need to talk," Ryan said. 
Dustin nodded, and he and Nabil began to walk down the hall. 
"Nabil," Rebekah said. 
Nabil looked back. "Oh! Right, I guess." She turned to Dustin sadly. "I must stay," she said. Dustin looked crushed. "Perhaps, we shall meet again?" he asked hopefully. Nabil smiled. "Perhaps." Dustin lifted her hand and kissed it. "Till then, my fair lady." 
"Oh brother," Beka rolled her eyes. 
"How romantic!" Taylor squealed. 
Ryan only shook his head. 

Nabil walked back to the group, a dazed expression on her face. "Earth to Nabil!" Ryan said, waving his hand in front of her face. "Oh. Sorry," she said, snapping out of it. "That.....was so gross," Beka gagged. 
"Oh, shut up," Nabil said cheerfully. 
Ryan, sensing the need for a change in subject, said, "So Nabil, how do we get home?" 
All three of them looked at her expectantly. "Well, last time I went, when I had solved the mystery or finished the story, I just automatically was transported back home." 
Ryan was about to ask another question when Taylor said something to Nabil. Her words sounded slurred and jumbled together. Ryan shook his head, trying to clear his mind. Beka said something then, and her words too were unintelligible. Their images blurred together, and everything went black. 

The blackness began to clear. Ryan found himself standing in the time machine, iPhone held in his hands. Beka  was standing next to him, and Taylor and Nabil were in front of them. All four of them looked at each other in amazement. "Wow!" Beka exclaimed. "That was so awesome!" 
"Nabil, you are THE talented inventor!" Taylor said. "I'm more in the evil scientist department myself. We should swap notes sometime." 
Nabil and Taylor walked ahead towards the exit, discussing the fine points of villainy. 
"So, ready for another adventure?" Ryan asked Rebekah conversationally. Beka only glared at him. 
"Come on, was it so bad?" he asked. 
Beka was about to answer, when Taylor and Nabil's voices floated back to them. "We should totally do that adventure again!" Taylor squealed. "Definitely!" Nabil agreed. "And this time, I'll get Beka to introduce me to her boyfriend sooner!" 
"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!" Beka yelled, leaping toward them. They giggled and darted off, Beka in hot pursuit. Ryan shook his head sadly and ran after, hoping to keep Beka from killing them. 

The End!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I'm Back!!!!!!!

Hey y'all! I'm back!!!!!!!!!..................*crickets chirping*..........No thunderous applause? No standing ovations? Oh well. =D The reason I stopped posting was because of a very long and complicated reason that would take forever to explain, and would probably bore you. So, let's just stick with the happy fact that I am back. =) A lot of things have happened since I last posted. I went to Florida, I visited Eldarwen, and I'm in a complicated type of relationship with a guy. =D Exciting, right? Well, the big news is right here. THE PACKERS WON!!!!!!!!!!!!! THEY'RE GOING TO THE SUPER BOWL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *screams* Yeah! I'm SO excited! Like, all my "friends" were Bears fans! Haha! Too bad.......I'm trying to feel sorry for y''s not working. lol =D Now they're all rooting for the Steelers. Psh, dream on. =D And, we're going up to Minnesota for the Super Bowl so we can watch it with some relatives. Honestly, I'm not too thrilled about going, I'd rather stay here. But, since that's not a choice, I shall be happy about my fate. *dramatic sigh* I had a great opportunity to do another CAPTAIN AWESOME post, since it snowed a lot and all, but alas, I didn't. =( =( But, I'm sure I'll have another chance one of these days. For those who don't know what I'm talking about, then, um, try to find the CAPTAIN AWESOME posts in the archives, there's only two. *shrugs* So, I shall leave you with this picture of me in my awesome Packers attire. TTYL!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

A Quote From My Favorite Musician.

I was reading Adam Young's blog tonight, and found this quote in a beautiful post of his. I really loved it, and decided to post it. =) He is speaking of a girl he saw that took his breath away because she was so beautiful. And I feel exactly the same way about the word "hot". Okay, here's the quote:

'Allow me to pause for a moment simply to clarify that this was NOT a beastly, primal, overly-rugged masculine emotion that took hold of me. I did NOT slobber all over myself via lewd desire like some impudent, lustful, arrogant bro. I did NOT jump up and down and inwardly scream “Woah, that girl is hot!” because it is my personal opinion that the word “hot” has been weighed down by so many repulsive, disrespectful connotations (all thanks to modern media), that it has ultimately become a rather derogatory adjective with which to describe such pure and blameless beauty. It has a devious way of cheapening it and that tends to bug me. Deep Regret and the stunning quality of such unpolluted beauty is far too exquisite and innocent to be associated with such brash crudeness.’


Monday, November 15, 2010


Thanksgiving is approaching, and some exciting things come with it! First, April, Nic, and Makenzie are coming!!!!! =D =D =D So excited! And, Ensemble is this Saturday night! April and Nic are going to try to get here in time to go. =D And on Sunday, I'm going to play a song for church. I am really nervous! This is the last time I am going to do a song by myself in front of church for awhile! By that, I mean that I am going to be playing THREE duets for Christmas time! One with my friend, Bobby, me on the piano and him on the guitar, one with Mrs. Mary, both of us on the piano, and the last one where I play the piano for the Youth Group girls to sing. Busy busy busy! I absolutely LOVE Ensemble! =D =D It's one of the highlights of the year! I can't wait! Although, I am a little nervous. =/

The photo uploader STILL isn't working! >=( I am very upset about that, and not quite sure what to do about it.

I am writing a new play! Should be.....interesting. But not as crazy as the last one! =O I will give you a little teaser: it involves two stupid criminals. Okay, that's it! Not saying anymore! You'll just have to wait! =D

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

God Will Repay.

Wow. I just had to tell you guys about this. So, some of you may remember that awhile ago, I posted about attending the ladies conference. At the conference, there was an auction of jewelry to help support a woman in our church who had breast cancer (she is cancer free now! PTL!) Well, I found a necklace that I absolutely ADORED! It was beautiful! Go to the link below to read the sad, pitiful story about it.
Bottom line is, I didn't get the necklace, but not in the way that you think, so I encourage you to read the post. =D (just a suggestion, the title won't make sense without your reading the post) =D I would post a pic, but my laptop is still being stupid, and won't access important sites! (a.k.a. Cutest Blog on the Block, Hot Bliggity Blog, and photo uploaders, not to mention numerous other random sites. >=() But, there is a pic in the post. =D

So, today, I was trying on my dress for Ensemble (yes, this DOES fit in!). I wore my long, green one last year and the year before, so this year, I was going to wear a different dress that I had bought last year shortly after Ensemble, a red, sparkly one. It was beautiful, but when I tried it on, I found that the cut just didn't look good on me. My legs are quite thin and long, so short, fancy dresses just don't do it for me for some reason. =/ So, I reluctantly decided to give it to Christy. I talked to Mom and said that I guessed we would have to start dress shopping. She, of course, like I knew she would, said, "Why don't you just wear your green one?" (she loves that dress!) I said, "Mom! I've worn that dress for the last three years!"
Mom said, "Well, why don't you just try it on and see what you think?" So, to humor her, I did. She, of course, said, "That dress is beautiful on you!"
Me: "Mom, that doesn't change the fact that I'VE WORN IT FOR THE PAST THREE YEARS!"
Mom: "You know, that necklace we almost got at the Lady's Conference would perfectly match this."
Me: "You just had to bring that up, didn't you? Why did you do that?"
Mom: "Well, if you had that necklace, would you wear the dress?"
Me: *shrugging* "Sure."
Mom: "Wait right her." *dashes from room*
Me: (by now, I have caught on to what is going on,  and am very happy when Mom arrives back in my room WITH THE NECKLACE!
It is almost EXACTLY the same as the other one! Same colors and everything! I tried it on, and it goes PERFECTLY with the dress! AND IT HAS MATCHING EARRINGS! How could I say no? lol =D So, I am going to wear that dress to Ensemble. =D

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Hey guys! I'm back! =D =D =D My awesome brother-in-law, Phillip, fixed my laptop. =D =D =D =D I have so many pics I want to post, it will just have to wait until tomorrow. =) But I just wanted to say hi and sorry for not posting earlier. =D =D =D

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Eldarwen Here

Hey everyone! This is Eldarwen. My awesome friend Taylor is away on vacation right now, and she cannot access her blog because her computer is acting up, so she asked me to post for her. :)

She says she's having a lot of fun, and she misses you all a lot! Taylor will be/is taking lots of pictures and she says she can't wait to get back to share them with you! (And I can't wait to see 'em, Tay!;)

I hope you are all having a great weekend! Shabbat Shalom!


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Exciting News!

Hey guys! I'm sorry to not have been posting for awhile. *gulp* Things are SO hectic! For one thing, we are leaving in three days for Florida! We will be there for close to two weeks. =O I know, I have mentioned this. I'm very sorry. Also, we are going to Silver Dollar City tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!! =D =D =D =D So, I will try to post about it if I have time. =D =D =D I'll even try to make some vids! =D =D =D Just wanted to let you guys know what's going on. And also, if I can convince him, you may have a "guest speaker" while I'm on the road to Florida! No no, now I can't tell you who it is, you'll just have to wait and see. (first, I must tell him about it) =D