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Friday, February 26, 2010

Weird Alan Story.

Thanks to Eldarwen (Big Mouth!), I have to tell the story about Alan. I posted about our little trip to War Eagle a couple of days ago, and I mentioned that someone named Alan had written his name in the sand. I was willing to leave it at that, but a certain someone wanted me to tell the whole story. So, here it goes.

When Christy and I first saw Alan's name in the sand, we didn't think much of it. But as we studied the area, we saw things we couldn't ignore. Such as, a cigarrette and a beer can! We looked around, but Alan was nowhere to be seen. As we went down the river looking for more clues to his whereabouts, we found his name written several times in the sand along the water. Going back to the original name, we saw two handprints that we had missed before! Christy studied them and saw by the lines in his hand that he had been twenty-seven years old. She's very talented. The handprints led into the river! So, we deduced that Alan had smoked, then drank a beer. Then, drunk, he had crawled ino the river! But, suddenly, we noticed that the watermill had stopped! This could only mean one thing! Alan had floated upriver and got stuck in the mill! Christy and I raced upstream above the mill and looked down into it. But we couldn't see anything. Wait.

We saw a tiny whirlpool spiraling up from the bottom. It could only mean that Alan was alive and breathing somewhere underwater! We went back to the bridge where we originally saw his name, and we found an inscription in the concrete around the bottom. It said "Bridge Workers, 1995." Which means Alan must have been on the bridge crew! We saw several ducks upriver, and we knew that they must be bringing food to Alan! So, our final conclusion was, fifteen years ago, Alan, after finishing the bridge, decided to celebrate with a beer and a cigarrette. But, the alcohol was too much, and, delirious, he crawled into the river! Back in 1995, when this happened, the river must have been flowing the other way, so he floated toward the mill and got stuck! He has been living for the past fifteen years under the mill, surviving on the food the ducks bring him. But, at least he doesn't smoke or drink beer anymore, so this story has a happy ending!

P.S. Christy and I drew the name Alan alongside the river, and we also drew the handprints. We made up everything, except someone really had written the name Alan one time by the bridge.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

War Eagle Picnic.

I just discovered that I had these pics on my computer. And, since I am very bored, I decided to post them! Exactly a week ago, we went to someplace called War Eagle, I think. Dad wanted to do something because it was such a nice day outside, and since he owns the business, and Christy and I are homeschooled, we can just take a day off! Yay! Anyway, we stopped at Wal-mart and bought tons of food. (That always happens when Dad goes shopping :) Out at War Eagle, we stopped at a picnic place that also had a playground.

Some of the pictures were bright, Dad didn't use the right camera setting. He took all of these pictures. This is at the picnic site.

Yummm, Gatorade. Love it! Oh, and I was watching Christy on the playground, in case you're wondering what I was looking at. :)

Sarah's the one in the pink jacket standing next to Mom, and Emily is the one on the stairs.

After eating, we went hiking. Note: I had to wear jeans because on a hiking trip, it's just not practical to go in a skirt. Especially the way I run around. :D

Um, Christy and I ran ahead and hid in that little cave behind us. For some reason, we were trying to make a little boat out of bark to float down the river we were walking beside. Unfortunately, when we tried it, all of the stuff we had put on the boat floated off, and the boat floated upstream against the current! Go figure. I'm holding the boat and Christy's looking at it.

This cave was awesome! It's right on the trail, and it goes pretty far back.

Then we drove to the water mill, which was beside a small bridge. These giant pillars supported the bridge, that little ledge Christy is standing on goes all the way around. She and Sarah are looking at where someone had written his name in the sand, Alan. ;D

Sarah and Mom on the ledge.

Now we're all looking at the name Alan. There's a crazy story behind it, but it's too long to type right now.

The mill is behind them. That's my Mom and Dad.

Notice Christy and me in the background, standing on the dead tree.


Okay, perfect! Don't we look adventurous, ready for anything? That because we were trying to figure out the mystery of Alan's name in the sand. lol

This probably wasn't the most interesting post, but I was bored. Sorry!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sunny and Pippen.

I couldn't think of anything to post, so I decided to do a bird post. I told you that I got Sunny for my birthday, but I didn't show very good pictures. And what better opportunity than this? :D

My pretty little Sunny. I thought about changing her name to Piper after Sarah Palin's daughter. I would hate to be named Piper, and I said it sounds like a bird name. But I still think Sunny is the best!

We took these pics on Christy's new bookshelf before she put anything on them. Sorry if my shadow is across the picture.

So cute!

And she perches really well.

From the first day I brought her home, she would just sit on my finger. Christy was so jealous! Her bird, Pippen, is rather wild and very nervous.

I thought this was cute.

Then Christy brought Pippen in, Sunny's boyfriend.

They've been fighting a lot lately, we've had to seperate them.
They might break up!

But they're so cute together.

Don't you think they're perfect together?

Oh, I wanted to show you her strange markings. This patch of green is almost hidden under her wings.

Music Tag!

Rules: You take your music player (whether it be your ipod, MP3, computer, CD player, etc.) and put it on shuffle. Then you answer the following questions by using to title to each song that plays while on shuffle. Then you'll tag some other people. Please give the reason why you're tagging them. I don't have an ipod or a MP3, so I will put my playlist on random. :)

Are you male or female? "Praise for Evermore"-Point of Grace.

What do people feel when they are around you? "Love Song"-Third Day (lol)

Describe your current relationship? "The Bird and the Worm"-Owl City. (No way! That's so funny!)

Where would you like to be right now? "Just Keep Swimming"-Disney Nemo.

How do you feel about love? "Household of Faith."-Steve Green.

Whats your life like? "What if"-Nicole Nordman.

What would you wish for if you only had one wish? "Letters from War"-Mark Shultz (That's freaky!)

Say something wise? "One Ring to Rule them All"-Lord of the Rings. (Wow, this is starting to get kinda creepy)

If someone says "Is this okay. . ." You say? "Rivendell."-Lord of the Rings. (What?)

How would you describe yourself? "Legend of Zelda, Twilight Princess"-Koji Kondo. (Aw, I'm flattered! lol)

How do you feel today? "This Good Day"-Fernando Ortega (That's so funny!)

What is your life's purpose? "Never Alone"-Barlow Girl. (okay...)

What is your motto? "You Raise Me Up"-Selah. (lol)

What do your friends think of you? "There's Only One"-Caedmon's Call (That is soo scary! But funny.:)

What do you think of your parents? "Deliver Us"-Prince of Egypt. (That is hilarious!)

What do you think of very often? "Indescribable"-Chris Tomlin. :D

What is 2+2? "I didn't know that I could feel this way"-Disney.

What do you think of your best friend? "Kung-fu Fighting"- Cee-lo Green and Jack Black (Oh no! But that's true. But I always thought of myself as more of a karate expert. lol Don't tell Rebekah. lol)

What is your life story? "I Wonder"-Disney Sleeping Beauty (Ha ha!)

What do you want to be when you grow up? "Fireflies"-Owl City (Lies! That is NOT true!)

What will you dance to at your wedding? "Butterfly Kisses"-Bob Carlisle. (Okay, that is really scary! I have been planning to play that song at my wedding ever since I first heard it, six years ago!)

What will they play at your funeral? "Barking at the Moon"-Jenny Lewis. (Maybe not...)

What is your hobby/interest? "Sing a Song"-Third Day. (True.)

What is your biggest fear? "Bellybutton"-Veggietales *bangs head on table* (Yes, it's true! I'm terrified of *gulps* bellybuttons! jk lol)

What is your biggest secret? "They're Taking the Hobbits to Isengard!"-LOTR (Aw man, now it's not a secret anymore. :(

What do you think of your friends? "Feed the Birds"-Mary Poppins. (Ha ha, I  hope my friends never read this!)

I tag:

Stephanie (the one who has a blog)


Charity Anne.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Another Giveaway!

Laura at Sharing his Love is having a giveaway! Please enter! Here is her address:  


I got converse on Wednesday! I wore them to Awanas! And I took a few pictures.

I know they don't look the best with a skirt, but that was what I was wearing. Sry.

Sarah and Emily wanted in on this picture.

(My favorite)


That's all I have, and I know you're relieved. :D

Giveaway Alert!

Eldarwen Failairiel is having a giveaway on her blog! Her button is on my sidebar. Go take a look!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

CAPTAIN AWESOME! and her faithful sidekick

I finally made another CAPTAIN AWESOME post! These are quite time consuming, but I think everyone will enjoy it. For those of you who don't know who CAPTAIN AWESOME and her faithful sidekick are, you will soon find out. Also, there's another one in the archives somewhere. Here we go!

They're back! The delightful duel you know as:


And her faithful sidekick.

On this adventure, these two were sent out to gather snow to make ice cream with. Simple, right? Well, CAPTAIN AWESOME knew that the best, tastiest, and cleanest snow came from the top of the shed. So they set out on their mission.

We started from our front porch.  (Sorry, the first couple of pics are kinda bright, I couldn't get the right camera setting.) And please ignore CAPTAIN AWESOME'S blue snowpants and purple coat. She wanted to be warm. Here, CAPTAIN AWESOME is putting her best foot forward!

Which is good unless you trip and fall. Something CAPTAIN AWESOME does often.

She turned to find sidekick goofing off, as usual. She had the Container of Awesomness that we brought for snow balanced on her head. Disrespectful.

The road was long, and we were soon tired from trudging through the mud and snow. But we had to go on!

CAPTAIN AWESOME was exhausted, but she fought her way through the snow valiantly!

Step after weary step, we trudged ever onward.

Finally, sidekick collapsed! The strain had become too much!

CAPTAIN AWESOME was crushed! She had to revive sidekick! But how?

She took the Container of Awesomness and filled it with snow. A captain's gotta do, what a captain's gotta do. *evil laugh*

Sidekick didn't wake up at first, but she soon came around.

And she wasn't too pleased that CAPTAIN AWESOME had dumped snow on her.

But of course, CAPTAIN AWESOME doesn't care what a lowly sidekick thinks. And besides, they could see the shed! They could see the inches of snow that coated the roof, and it made them hurry. 

But it looked like a dangerous path to get there. CAPTAIN AWESOME suspected a minefield.

But after carefully testing it, it proved to be harmless, and they safely made their way to the side of the shed where there was a woodpile they could climb up on.

But it was a long jump. And CAPTAIN AWESOME knew that the shed would be slippery from the snow.

But CAPTAIN AWESOME was not afraid! She would risk everything to get the coveted snow! What bravery! What cunning!

But sidekick thought that using the ladder might be safer.

After much deliberation, CAPTAIN AWESOME decided to go with her idea.

Sidekick went up first, to test the ladder so CAPTAIN AWESOME would not be injured.

CAPTAIN AWESOME handed up the Container of Awesomness to sidekick and made her way up.

It was extremely difficult, but she managed it.

They carefully skimmed off the outer layer of slightly dirty snow and uncovered the pristine layer beneath it. Everything was going well, until-

CAPTAIN AWESOME suddenly fell off the roof! (Or was pushed)

*dramatic music*

It looked hopeless.

Sidekick was hearbroken. Especially when she realized that she would have to carry CAPTIAN AWESOME to the house!

Grunting and groaning, she managed to hoist CAPTAIN AWESOME up! But it was a long march back.

Two hours later, Mom heard a knock at the door. She opened it and sidekick staggered in! She had done it!

CAPTAIN AWESOME was revived by the warmth of the house, and she recovered seconds after sidekick carried her in.

But sidekick, well, sidekick had a few problems. But who cares?

Well, that concludes the adventure of CAPTAIN AWESOME and her faithful sidekick!