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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Crazy Hair Awana Night!

Last night was crazy hair night at Awanas! It was SO much fun! =D

A working progress...

The almost-finished product. =D I'm using some hair extensions that Becky left last time she was here.
Christy's amazing eyebrows! (which I, of course, painted) *bows*

Us at church with our awesome hair! Notice, Christy's hair is painted now, and I have orange bangs.

Look at her arms! Isn't that weird?! This is one of my former students, Vianca. I posted about her earlier this year when she was in my class.

Dad! *dissolves into helpless laughter* Sorry the pic is blurry, but you get the idea.

Ben, my new student. Since there are so many people in Awanas this year, I only have two students, one of which was missing last night. But Ben kept me on my toes!

He can almost just look at a verse, then have it memorized. =O

Kinda blurry. I was trying to get a good pic for my new facebook profile pic.

There we go! =D

And then, of course, my goofy friend, Ryan, the red hair noticeably missing. I didn't recognize him at first. =D We should have had a pic taken together with our hair, but we um, didn't. =/

Well, there ya have it! It was AWESOME! In two weeks, it's crazy glasses night! Woo-hoo! =D

Monday, September 27, 2010

Awesome Song!

I LOVE this song! =D

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Picture Thursday!

Today was Thursday. (as you know) Thursday's can be pretty boring, so today, Christy and I went hunting for a facebook profile pic. =D Which resulted in about a hundred pictures. I took a lot of pictures of her, she took more pics of me. =D If I post them all, then I will feel terribly vain. Please comment and tell me if you would like to see some of them, or would I rather I not. Don't worry, I won't feel bad if you don't want to see them. =D I'll be posting a couple more soon. =D
Tomorrow, Becky is coming over! (again!) Yes, she practically lives at my house. And on Saturday, we're going to the Razorback game. But not to watch. To work. Our school (I say "our" because I used to go there, I know everyone there, and I'm still considered as part of the class) has a concession stand so the juniors and seniors can raise money for their senor trip. Even though I'm not technically in the class, they welcomed my help, of course. And I love to work there, so everyone is happy! =D Ryan was going to sit at home and watch it, but I persuaded him to come. =D =D So two of my best friends are going to be there! =D Now, if only Eldarwen could come...... =D

I leave you with this picture.


Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I am SO happy!!!!!!! So happy, I could scream! *screams* =D AWANA STARTS TODAY!!!!!!!! Yippee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =D =D =D =D =D =D =D I have been waiting SO long for this! All summer! I hung my shirt above my head last night and fell asleep looking at it. =D I'm already wearing it in anticipation of tonight. =D This is just so exciting! When Awanas is going on, Wednesday is the highlight of my week!!!!!!!!!!!!! =D =D =D =D Okay, I'm done. Just wanted to let ya'll know. =D

Sunday, September 19, 2010


I'm at my Youth Group leader's house. He's really weird! =O

Saturday, September 18, 2010

In Case You are Wondering....and Justin Bieber. (that ought to draw some people)

I removed the roses farther up the page. Now, you may think I did it because I was mad that some people gave me black roses. Well, that's not the reason. I knew that I would get some, and I knew that whoever gave them would be anonymous, but I didn't think that whoever left them wouldn't give me any suggestions to improve my blog!!!!!! >=(  How would you guys like it if someone walked up to you and said, "I hate you" without giving any reason why? I know, that's exaggerated, but still! I don't care if you leave a black rose anonymously, but come on! Leave a suggestion! Rrrrrrggggghhhhhh, sorry, that just drives me nuts. And either a portion of my followers hate me, or there's one person who enjoys giving black roses. If that is the case, that is totally out of line! One will suffice. If you are the culprit, I hope you're listening! If you hate my blog that much, then here's an idea. LEAVE!!!!!!! Sheesh....

Okay, I have settled down. I hate having people do something that I can't retaliate to or try to fix. I am SO bored! I've been playing Monster Hunter for the past couple of hours, but I'm bored of that. I also watched some of the Razorback game, but we kicked their butts, so that was boring too. =D I convinced Ryan to get a facebook, and also bribed him to give me his password. Mwahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!! =D =D =D How, you ask? Well, I have my ways... =D So I helped him set that up (not that he needed any help, I think he was just being nice). I watched the Jurassic Park movies. I love them so much!!!!!!!!!!!!! This was my first time to watch the second and third. They always have me on the edge of my seat!!!!!!! =D =D = D


Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Here it is! To understand what I'm talking about, you had better read the last post. lol =D

Here he is, the illustrious and amazing song-writer, Ryan J.! (I gave him a new last name, J isn't the first letter of his real last name) =D


And the talented composer, Taylor!


Ryan didn't want me to post the audio of him singing (not that I know how to do that anyway) so this is me playing the music that I wrote for his song. Idk why the video is so small, but it's just for listening anyway. =D

Don't judge. =D

Aren't We Clever?

This will probably be a lot more funny to me than you guys. =D Last night, I was talking on the phone with a couple of my friends, Ryan and Becky. Somehow, we got on the topic of "Puff the Magic Dragon", which Ryan is scared of. (lol) I can say that without worry of him ever finding out because he never reads my blog. >=P Anyway, we talked for like an hour, then he hung up and Becky and I talked for a couple more hours. I checked my unread text messages when I was done, and Ryan had sent me a recording of him singing a stupid song about Puff he had just made up! It was SO funny!!!!!!!!!! I almost died! It's now my ringtone!!!!! If I can figure out how, I'll try to post it on here. =D Here are the words:

Puff, the magic dragon,
He makes little kids scared.
They flail around in ag-on-y...
Cuz he's got an evil glare.

I know, I know, you guys think I'm crazy. But if you knew him, and how shy he is.... =D Anyway, he said he was going to try to figure out the music to it on the guitar, so I offered to do it on the piano. =D I got the tune down really fast (it's very simple) but it took me forever to write it down!!!!!  For one thing, I had to make my own music paper to write the notes on!! And, my notes were drawn so badly they're almost illegible. But I did finish it. =D Ryan's going to write a few more verses. =D =D But then he had a suggestion. He said, "Hey, why don't you play the music to it and sing harmony with me?" Haha. Yeah, that's gonna happen. =D

Saturday, September 11, 2010

If I May Have a Moment...

HEY! My bestest friend Eldarwen is having a spectacular giveaway! I'm sure ya'll already know about it, but still. =D Please enter! Competition is fierce, the prize amazing! So what are you waiting for? =D Here's the link:

Boring and Hairdos.

I don't really have anything to post about. Sorry. =( Becky spent last night here, and we stayed up till about 2:30. You probably think that we were doing something fun and crazy, right? Wrong. We watched the Dark Knight until about 1:00 a.m., then read our books for an hour and a half. We are so exciting. But that's what we love to do! We went on a couple of gocart rides, which was crazy. =D I was texting my friend as we whizzed along, and almost dropped my phone! Serves me right, I guess. Now I'm super tired, and my family tells me that I am cranky. Baloney. Don't you think I would know if I was cranky?! I am the most cheerful person on this planet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >=P

Yeah, I should probably get some sleep. But, I had a picture that I wanted to show you. Christy and I were bored, so we "fixed up" our hair. =D
We are so cool. =D

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My Play.

Okay, this is the play I told you about in the last post, that no one read. lol =D So, I'll tell you again. This is the play that I wrote for an English assignment. Me and a few of my friends are going to act it out. =D

Three women are sitting at a kitchen table, talking after a long day of housework. The room is a typical kitchen. They are good friends, and are waiting for a friend.

Characters are:
Mary Bly: Owner of the house. Middle-aged, friendly.

Karen Harrison: Fun-loving, outgoing, sometimes crazy.

Linda Sanders: Rather sarcastic, married.

Agatha Marconia: Middle-aged, very superstitious.

Mary: More coffee, girls?

Linda: No thanks, I've had enough.

Karen: Well, I'll take some more, thank-you Mary. (Mary gets up and goes to the coffee pot.)

Linda: My, that's a lot of calories. (Glances sideways at Karen)

Karen: (Unfazed by Linda's remark) I was up at two o'clock with Tommy. He still won't sleep through the night! I am so tired! I need this coffee!

Mary: (nodding wisely) I know what you mean. Children can be so difficult!

Linda: Well, I'm glad I never had any then.

Karen: Linda! I'm surprised at you! You always said you never had children because Brad didn't want to!

Linda: Well, yes, that's true. Well, sort of. Brad doesn't want to have kids because I don't want to.

Karen. But children can be so wonderful! I just don't understand-

Mary: (Interrupting) I wonder where Agatha is!

Linda: Who knows? Probably off on another lark of hers. (Leans forward) She does the strangest things, you know. (The others involuntarily lean closer)

Karen: What do you mean? (Eager for a bit of gossip)

Linda: Oh, that's right! You've never met her! Well, let me tell you! I think it has something to do with her religion, or whatever you call it. Superstitions, cults...I don't like it. She says that she communicates with nature, that nature is god. She says we're surrounded by spirits who control our fate.

Mary: Now Linda, I've always found Agatha to be perfectly pleasant, when she isn't absorbed in her....beliefs.

Karen: (squeals) It makes me even more eager to meet her!

Linda: Don't worry, you will. She should be here in-

(loud screams are heard coming closer to the house)

Karen: What is that?!

(Linda and Mary share a knowing look)

Mary: That's Agatha.

A wild-eyed woman bursts in and slams the door behind her. She is wearing an odd assortment of clothes that are outdated and don't match.


(She rushes around the table, slamming the back door shut with a terrific bang.

Mary: Agatha-

Agatha: The windows!!!!!!

(She rushes around the kitchen and slams the windows shut, then races off into the other rooms off scene to shut the other windows)

Linda: (sighing) Here she goes on another one of her larks! I warned you!

Karen: (wide-eyed) What is she doing?! Is she all right?! Are we under attack?!

Linda: (waving her hand and rolling her eyes) No, it's just something strange, as usual. I'm sure it's nothing serious.)

A chorus of screams are heard from offstage.

Karen: NOW what?!

Mary: Oh dear, the bedroom window sticks when someone tries to shut it!

(She scurries out of the kitchen and off stage to where the screams are being heard)

Linda: Imagine. Having a fit because a window won't shut.

Karen: (still shaken) Is there anything wrong with her?

Linda: (shrugs) Probably.

(Mary enters, a comforting arm around Agatha's shoulder as the woman shakes visibly)

Mary: Now Agatha, you just sit down right here and tell us what's wrong.

(Agatha reluctantly settles into a chair at the table. She grabs Linda's cup of coffee and holds it in trembling hands. Linda glares at her, but Agatha takes no notice.)

Agatha: I-I was walking over here, a-and I-I (A look of fear comes into her eyes and she bites her knuckle fearfully)

Mary: (prompting) Yes?

Linda: (sarcastically) Oh yes, do tell.

Karen sits staring at Agatha, wide-eyed

Agatha: (Taking deep breath. Speaks quickly) I stepped on a green leaf! (bursts into sobs)

All three women share a look.

Karen: (Venturing) A green leaf?

Agatha: (screams) YES! (buries her head in her arms and sobs)

Karen: And that's......bad?

Agatha: (raises her head with a look of disbelief on her face) Do you seriously not know?!

Linda: She's a newcomer, Agatha.

Agatha: To step on a green leaf is to insult the gods of nature! (raises her arms in the air dramatically) The leaf was not dead yet!!!!! When I stepped on it, I killed it!!!!! The gods of nature did not will for it to die yet! And I killed it! (she buries her face in her hands and sobs)

Karen is gawking at her with a mixture of terror and curiosity. Linda looks bored. Mary is playing with her coffee.

Agatha: (leaping to her feet) Oh no! What am I doing?! I am going to be punished!!!! I cannot be with other people, or they too will experience the wrath of the gods!!!!!!!!!!!!

She runs out of the room, mumbling some weird chant. We hear the door slam after her.

Karen: That.....was....really....really.....weird!

Linda: It's Agatha. Same difference.

Mary: I know she's a little strange, but she really is sweet.

Linda glances at her watch.

Linda: Oh, I'm sorry Mary, but I have to go.

Karen: Um, yes, I should be going too.

They both stand up and say goodbye.

cut camera.

start camera.

Karen and Linda are sitting at Linda's home on the sofa.

Linda: Listen Karen, I would really like to show Agatha how silly she is being with all this superstition stuff. I mean, she was a perfectly normal person before she got caught up in all of that stuff.

Karen: I agree. We really owe it to her to try to return her to normal. But how?

Linda: (grinning mischievously) I'm glad you asked.

                                                                                  ACT II

Mary and Agatha are sitting at Mary's table again. Agatha is showing Mary some strange voodoo thing, and laughing weirdly. Karen and Linda burst through the door.

Linda: (panicking) AGATHA! Agatha!

(Agatha jumps to her feet and runs over to where Linda is supporting Karen, who looks faint.)

Agatha: What happened?! (looks fearful)

Linda: Karen got a papercut!!!!

(Agatha examines Karen's finger while Karen acts like she is dying.)

Agatha: Oh no!!! This is my fault! (wails) I stepped on the green leaf yesterday and came directly here, and now the spirits of nature are punishing you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (falls to the floor sobbing)

(Karen winks at Linda, who helps her to a chair at the table next to Mary, who examines Karen's finger worriedly.)

Mary: Oh Karen, it's just a little scratch!

Agatha: (jumping to her feet) It's only the beginning! We have to move fast!

(She grabs Karen and Mary by the hands and drag them into the living room, Linda following behind. She seats them all in a circle on the floor and rushes about, gathering things. The girls just watch her.

Agatha: (screaming) They're coming! (looks around wildly)

(Agatha runs into the kitchen and returns with several sun catchers.)

Mary: Agatha, what are you doing with my sun catchers?

(Agatha smacks them on all of the living room windows.)

Agatha: They will catch some of the spirits as they come in to kill us!!!!!

(She rushes out of the room and returns with building blocks. She arranges a circle around the girls.)

Agatha: (shrieking) Hold hands, hold hands!!!!!!

(She flips on the ceiling fan and turns off all the lights. She runs and makes sure that the door is locked, then comes in with a wand and dances around the girls, who look at each other in quiet amusement. Agatha grabs a salt shaker and salts each of their heads, then runs and grabs a piece of lace and plops down by the girls, who have left a spot for her in the circle. Agatha throws the lace over her head and covers her ears with her hands and holds her nose shut and hums a chant. The girls don't quite know what to say.)

Linda: Um, Agatha?

Agatha: (shortly) Sh. (she resumes her chant)

Linda: (protesting) But Agatha!

Agatha: Quiet! Don't let them in your body! (she covers her ears and nose again)

Linda: Agatha!!!! Where's Karen?!

(Everyone looks around wildly)

Agatha: Oh NO!!!!!!

(She leaps to her feet, but does not leave the circle)

Mary: I have to go find her! (She steps out of the circle)

Agatha: NNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (she yanks Mary back in)

Linda: But Agatha, we have to find her!

(Agatha is about to answer, when they hear chains rattling in the hallway. Mary and Linda pretend to be scared, but Agatha is terrified. A figure in white sheets appears and Mary and Linda scream. Agatha's eyes roll back and she collapses in a dead faint.)

                                                                             ACT III

(Karen and Linda are sitting at Mary's table again.)

Linda: It's been two weeks since we played that joke on Agatha.

Karen: Yeah.


Linda: It probably could have gone better.


(Mary enters holding Agatha's arm in support. Agatha is shaking and looking around wildly and twitching uncontrollably. Mary helps her sit then sits next to Linda and Karen. All three stare at Agatha, who is still shaking and twitching and looking around. Her eyes are wide with terror.)

Karen: Yeah, it probably could have gone better.

                                                                             THE END

Well, there it is! =D Tell me how ya liked it. =D Guess what part I'm going to play? lol =D

Monday, September 6, 2010

They're Gone!

April and Nic left yesterday. =( It was sad, but I am kind of glad to get back into routine. =) Sorry I didn't post that whole time, but either I was busy or tired or Nic was on my laptop. So it's not my fault! =( =) But I did get to use April's straightener. =D I am now addicted!!!! And I wore eye makeup for the first time too. It was very exciting. =D Since we got time off for April and Nic's visit, we have to do school today. Wait, today is Labor Day! =O I totally forgot! Well then, happy Labor Day! =D I'll post again when I have something meaningful to post about. =D Something having to do with pictures....Oh! I know something interesting!!!!! =D *evil laugh* For an English project, I had to write a small play. Me and a few of my friends are going to act it out, and I thought that you guys might like to read it. =D So I'll be posting that later. =D =D =D