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Friday, November 20, 2009

A Tense Moment.

The scariest thing happened to me the other day. Mom, Christy, and I decided to go out on a walk yesterday. Since it was so pretty, we took Sierra(my Siberian husky), and Tanner(my sister's Brittany Spaniel). Once we had been walking for about thirty minutes, we stopped for an elderly friend of Mom's that lives beside the road we walk on. We got down the road quite a ways, when Christy and I saw a gorgeous German Shepherd up on the hill. But he saw our dogs, and he started barking at them. Then another German Shepherd showed up, and they both came up to Sierra. They were almost twice her size, and she's almost a full grown dog. They had sniffed Tanner first, but he scrunched down and whimpered, so they didn't bother with him. But when they started sniffing Sierra, she didn't like it and she growled.(which was really dumb) The really big one didn't care, but the slightly smaller one got mad and they started barking at each other. Then the Shepherd started biting and jumping on Sierra. I was about to kick him, but then I remembered Mom's friend, and if I made the dog really mad, something really bad might happen. So I yelled at him and Sierra, who was growling and trying to fight back. She was trying very hard to get her collar off, and she almost did. Thank God she didn't, or I don't know what would have happened. The bigger dog had her backed up against a fence post, and they were barking and snapping at each other. It was freaky, because she had her teeth bared, and her eyes were turning red. Husky's do that when they are mad, and it's actually pretty scary. Anyway, right then, the woman who owned the dogs started yelling, which distracted them for a moment, and I was able to get Sierra out of the corner. Then we took off down the road. Thankfully, the dogs didn't follow. I gave her a big lecture about trying to act tough to much bigger dogs, and how dangerous that is. I think she listened. At least, she better have.


Tessa said...

Wow! That sounds REALLY scary!

Eldarwen Failariel said...

Sounds really freaky! I don't like dogs because one time I was walking down the road with one of my old friends and one of her friends (whom I didn't know) walked up with her small dog (I have no idea what kind of dog it was). She didn't have it on a leash (because she was carrying it) so she asked me to hold it while she ran back to her house to get the leash so she could walk with us. Everything was fine; the dog was happy and was licking me. Then, all of a sudden it jumped up into my face, bit my cheeck, completely scratched up and tore up my arm (using claws and razer sharp teeth). Me and my friend freaked out because we didn't know what was wrong. I dropped the dog (not conciously thinking it might hurt it) and we ran back to her house. My friends mom was freaking out because my arm looked sooo bad and she was afraid my mom might get upset. I assured her I didn't need to go home and if we just bandaged it up it would be fine. It hurt really bad, though and I was a little scared the dog might have rabies, but I didn't want to scare my friend's mom, so I acted like it was no big deal. True was, I bursted into tears when I went upstairs to the bathroom to wash off my cuts. I don't mind Labs, because they're usually really gentle, but other dogs I don't trust. Now, if I knew the dog really well and all, I'd probably be fine with it. :)
I'm so glad you dog didn't get hurt! Or you, your mom or your sister!

Taylor said...

Wow, that would really make me not like dogs. I'm not too fond of little dogs anyway. :)