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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Awesome Tag!

1. say something random. I got new socks two days ago.
2. yell something random, out loud. I'M AFRAID OF LADYBUGS!!! ! That's sad, no one even noticed. I guess I do it all the time.
3. do you play an instrument? Yes, the piano for ten years.
4. what's your full name? Taylor Nicole -----------
5. what do you think of blogger? AWESOME!
6. what do you think of this tag? SUPER AWESOME!
7. what's your opinion on Christian rock bands? I have none.
8. if you answered yes on #3 have you ever messed up while playing in front of people? Are you kidding? YES!
9. what's something that you've always wanted to do but haven't? Parachute.
10. how many bloggers do you know in real life? Just one.
11. have you ever played bloody knuckles? No, but I am interested.
12. have you ever caught a sockeye Salmon? I have no idea.
13. have you ever played funky angel?I still have no idea.
14. tell us about your worst accident? Um, probably when my horse fell on me and got back up and started running with my foot still in the stirrup! Or, when my other horse bucked me off and I landed on my head and blacked out. Or, when I fell down the stairs and had to spend the night in the hospital with a concussion. The list is endless.
15. rant about what ever you've been holding in? I am hopelessly in love with Orlando Bloom!
16. do you like caroling? Never done it.
17 .where do you live? Arkansas!
18. do you like it where you live? Oh yeah!
19. what was your most recent adventure? We camped at the creek on the first day of hunting season and I shot a armadillo with our beebe gun thinking it was someone come to kill us. Then I almost broke my neck trying to skate down the hill on a metal tray like Legolas. I know, I'm crazy.
20. Luke or Venator? Han Solo! I know he's not an option, but he should be.
21 .do you like the Obama administration? If you have read my blog, you will notice the post dedicated to visiting Sarah Palin. Obama administration? I don't think so.
22. dance par-tee or music brawl? Well, I can't dance, and a music brawl sounds bad, so neither.
23 .what Number is this? Is this a trick question?
24. what is two + 2? Um, let's see, I think I have enough fingers to count on. Is it four?
25. Books or movies? Books, not even close.
27. what would you do to see wild horses? Not much. I'm not to fond of horses right now.
28. what is the best joke you can think of right now? Oh, you put me on the spot. I've gone blank. 29. do you have a secret blog? Yes. HAHAHAHAH!!!
30. do you know what a Granny beaded neck is? Nope.
31. PC or laptop? Laptop.
32. Click 5 or Switchfoot? Never listened to either.
33. how many siblings do you have? 5, including my adopted sisters.
34. do you have a favorite game? Video game? Yes, The Legend of Zelda, Twilight Princess. For the Wii.
35. name the rockiest Christian band you know. I guess Switchfoot, though I've never listened to them
36. What does J.O.Y. stand for? Jump On You maybe? I have no idea.
37. Are you a member of J.O.Y? Not that I'm aware of.
38. have you ever fell a tree with a chainsaw? No, Dad doesn't trust me.
39. favorite song? Fireflies by Owl City.
40. insert funny/random picture here:

We have to peel these carrots in a minute for tomorrow's carrot juice.

Well, that was my favorite tag ever. Loved it! Hope you did too. I tag anyone who wants to do it.


Anonymous said...

lol, thanks for sharing the tag. I loved it! I would love if you stopped by my blog and followed me.

Many blessings,

Tessa said...

Oh...I might have to do that one later!!!!