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Monday, December 28, 2009

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

This is my long-overdue Christmas post. Actually, it starts at Christy's birthday on December 21st, and goes to the day after Christmas. So it's rather long, but I couldn't leave anything out.This is Christy's birthday party. Her best friend Echo was spending the night, much to my dismay. She is very loud and disrespectful of my stuff and my personal space, so she kind of bugs me. Anyway, that's her holding Sarah to Christy's right, and I'm on the left with Emily, who's helping Christy blow out the candles.The girls were upset that they couldn't help unwrap the presents, but at least they could play with the wrapping paper.Mm, cake! Christy likes white cake, but my Dad and I will only eat chocolate, so she got a half white and half chocolate one. Now we go all the way to Christmas Eve, where we are all opening one present. It's tradition. This is Sarah holding Makayla's umbrella she had just opened. Makayla is my niece who had come with her family.Here I am with my new Super Mario Brothers Wii game. I had wanted it so badly, but Dad had said they were sold out when he went to get one, so I wasn't planning on this.Both girls got Dora puzzles, which they absolutely loved!We have to get two of everything or else they fight over it.Later in the evening it started snowing. We were so exited! We were going to have a white Christmas! After a couple of hours, Christy, Dad and I decided to go out and play in the snow at eight o'clock at night! It was so cool! There was already a couple of inches.Here's Christy and I eating snow. When it does snow, I love to snowball fight and eat snow!We ran up to the shed to shut the door which we had left open. Dad took one of his pictures, which means he holds it out in front of all three of us. This one turned out very well. I didn't have time to put in my contacts before we went outside, but the glasses did protect my eyes from the snow blowing around. The only problem was I couldn't see.Christmas morning, and we're ready to open presents! I just opened Spiderwick, which is a movie I love. Christy was talking to Mom and Sarah and Emily were fighting over who's present that was.Christy finally got her ball. She's wanted one for awhile. Now I don't even know where it is.Yes! A new Ds! The one I bought was lost or stolen a few months ago.This is Dad looking at all of the ponies we bought the girls. And there are a lot!Here's my extremely handsome Dad looking extremely handsome in his new hundred dollar coat.Now for the part everyone dreads... cleanup. My best friend's family just puts all of the presents in bags and reuses the bags every year. I think they're on to something.This is Sarah on her new three wheeled scooter. Emily got one just like it, but the picture wouldn't upload.After that, it was time to go play in the snow. We got about seven inches, I think.This is me standing in the snow. As you can see, it's very deep. LOLEmily was happy, even though her hat was a little large.Here we are, loading up into the sled for a ride down the hill of the barn. Sarah wouldn't come with because she was mad at us for not being able to make her a Frosty.

This is Sunday. The roads were too slippery to drive to church on, so we stayed at home. We went to the top of the driveway to sled on the road and we saw this truck that had gone into the ditch. Once, we heard someone coming, so Christy and I sprawled on the snow in the ditch so people would think we had been thrown from the truck. Unfortunately, it turned out to be a four-wheeler that got stuck on the ice before he reached us. Once he got going again, he turned around and went back home and didn't see us.

That's all of the pictures I have, I hope you liked them.


Tessa said...

LUCKY! All it did here was rain a little and wind like a hurricane!

Taylor said...

It sounds like you had a nice Christmas. :) I loved the pictures!


Eldarwen said...

Happy (late) Birthday, Christy! :) Wow, looks like you had a fun Christmas! A DS?!?! Lucky...


p.s. your header looks great! :)