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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Hello, Mrs. Palin!

Well, these are the pictures of our trip to see Sarah Palin! She was at Sam's Club, signing her book for people. There were so many people out there. And it was cold! We stood for three hours out in that bitter cold! My feet were frozen, I couldn't bend them, and they hurt when I walked. But at least I had on a few layers of clothes, unlike Christy. Dad was planning on driving past Sam's Club, and seeing if there were any open parking spots. Yeah right! People had camped in the parking lot all night, and then got their bracelets first thing in the morning. In order to get in, you had to have a bracelet, and they were only giving out one thousand bracelets. Anyway, Dad saw that it was pretty hopeless, but when he drove around back, he saw that there was a crowd of people back there. It turned out that they had only passed out five hundred bracelets out front, and now they were passing out the remaining five hundred out back! So Dad got in line, and received Bracelet Number 747. Then he called Mom to tell her to bring Christy and I, because you can bring your kids with you, but all the adults had to have bracelets. So Mom couldn't come in, which was really sad. She dropped us off, and I told the nice police officer that we were trying to find our Dad (much to Christy's embarrassment, she hates talking to strangers and she hates it when I do it.). We soon found him in the giant waiting line of hundreds of people. That's where the picture line starts. This is the first picture that Dad took. As you can see, Christy isn't too happy. I guess she thought we were going to be waiting in line inside the building, because she didn't dress very warmly. She was miserable!
This was so funny! There were a few Sarah Palin look-a-likes in the crowd, so I had Dad take my picture with one. She looked a lot like Sarah Palin, though it might not look like they are very similar in this picture. By the way, that's my hood, not a weird hairdo. The ponytail hanging down is my hair. My Mom and I are in debate as to whether my hair is blond or brown. It's clearly brown, but I would like to hear what you think in a comment.
This is a picture of the line! It was huge! This is just a picture of a part of the crowd.
Another picture of the line. It may not look like that many, but there were hundreds and hundreds of people waiting.
Dad spent a lot of time talking to the people in front of us, (we had three hours to kill while we slowly froze to death) so he asked them to take our picture.
This picture is kind of sad. The manager came out and said that they were probably going to cut off the line at number seven hundred, since Sarah Palin had to leave at two o'clock. This is a picture of all the people who were still waiting in line behind us. All of their numbers were above seven-hundred, so they probably didn't get in. That's a lot of people, most of whom have been waiting for a long time!
I couldn't get a picture of Sarah Palin, because they took all camera's and phones, but we did get to meet her when she signed our books. She commented on Dad's Alaska jacket, asked Christy her name, and winked at me since we were being pushed along too fast for her to say anything to me. Dad saw her carrying Trig when she got off the bus, but we weren't there yet, and we didn't see him inside. Outside, Dad had me take a picture of him holding his signed book with the flag behind him.
God Bless America!


Tessa said...

Sounds like fun! LOL are you warm yet?

April said...

What a WHIMP!! I betcha its more cold here! Pretty cool that you got to meet Palin though! What an opportunity!!

Taylor said...

April, I find you rude and obtrusive. I should think that my sister would be nicer to me! Don't forget, we're coming up to see your baby!