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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Snowstorm Shopping.

As some of you might know, here in Arkansas, we have had a snowstorm! At least five inches and a lot of ice! Which means that the roads are really bad. We couldn't go to church this morning, but it's been fun anyway. Last night, Dad, Christy and I went to Walmart to get some stuff. We went in Dad's four-wheel drive, but it was still difficult. Several days ago, I made a commitment to wear all skirts and no jeans for a month. It's been hard so far, but mostly I've been enjoying it. Anyway, I wore my favorite jean skirt, my huge purple coat, my glasses, and my dirty snow boots! And I didn't have time to fix my hair, but I didn't really care. But Christy did! She was so embarrassed in Walmart, she wouldn't walk next to me. She's always been that way, I'm more of the crazy, don't-care-what-people-think kind of person, and she's more withdrawn and reserved in public. Like, during vacation, I wore the hat I knit into a few public places, and she was so mad she walked way ahead of me all the time so people wouldn't know we were related. And it's SO much fun embarrassing her, it's too easy! But yesterday she was really embarrassed, which makes it so much fun to tease her! So, when Dad gave us some stuff to get, she walked really fast and far ahead. So I ditched the cart and followed her into the main aisle. I started yelling about her not wanting everyone to know we were sisters! Everyone was looking at us. She turned red and almost ran down the aisle! I ran after her singing "Fireflies" by Owl City at the top of my lungs! Well, she was gone! And I almost died laughing! Just thought I'd share that with you. I'm kinda bored because we can't get to church.

P.S. I'm still thinking about what I'm going to do for my hundredth post celebration. If you haven't voted yet, pick one. Either I'll tell 100 random things about myself, or I'll have a giveaway. :)


Tessa/Lorenias said...

Inkheart is an awesome book! It's after Eragon though. LOL you should read it then go see the movie!

Shelby said...

that's hilarious!!! i'm glad i don't embarrass easily or with all my brothers i would stay red!!

Eldarwen said...

I awarded you, Taylor!

Taylor said...

Shelby: Ha ha! My Dad has embarrassed me all my life, so now I guess I'm used to it. LOL

Eldarwen: Thanks!

Tessa: I will try to read it sometime. :)