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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

CAPTAIN AWESOME! and her faithful sidekick

I finally made another CAPTAIN AWESOME post! These are quite time consuming, but I think everyone will enjoy it. For those of you who don't know who CAPTAIN AWESOME and her faithful sidekick are, you will soon find out. Also, there's another one in the archives somewhere. Here we go!

They're back! The delightful duel you know as:


And her faithful sidekick.

On this adventure, these two were sent out to gather snow to make ice cream with. Simple, right? Well, CAPTAIN AWESOME knew that the best, tastiest, and cleanest snow came from the top of the shed. So they set out on their mission.

We started from our front porch.  (Sorry, the first couple of pics are kinda bright, I couldn't get the right camera setting.) And please ignore CAPTAIN AWESOME'S blue snowpants and purple coat. She wanted to be warm. Here, CAPTAIN AWESOME is putting her best foot forward!

Which is good unless you trip and fall. Something CAPTAIN AWESOME does often.

She turned to find sidekick goofing off, as usual. She had the Container of Awesomness that we brought for snow balanced on her head. Disrespectful.

The road was long, and we were soon tired from trudging through the mud and snow. But we had to go on!

CAPTAIN AWESOME was exhausted, but she fought her way through the snow valiantly!

Step after weary step, we trudged ever onward.

Finally, sidekick collapsed! The strain had become too much!

CAPTAIN AWESOME was crushed! She had to revive sidekick! But how?

She took the Container of Awesomness and filled it with snow. A captain's gotta do, what a captain's gotta do. *evil laugh*

Sidekick didn't wake up at first, but she soon came around.

And she wasn't too pleased that CAPTAIN AWESOME had dumped snow on her.

But of course, CAPTAIN AWESOME doesn't care what a lowly sidekick thinks. And besides, they could see the shed! They could see the inches of snow that coated the roof, and it made them hurry. 

But it looked like a dangerous path to get there. CAPTAIN AWESOME suspected a minefield.

But after carefully testing it, it proved to be harmless, and they safely made their way to the side of the shed where there was a woodpile they could climb up on.

But it was a long jump. And CAPTAIN AWESOME knew that the shed would be slippery from the snow.

But CAPTAIN AWESOME was not afraid! She would risk everything to get the coveted snow! What bravery! What cunning!

But sidekick thought that using the ladder might be safer.

After much deliberation, CAPTAIN AWESOME decided to go with her idea.

Sidekick went up first, to test the ladder so CAPTAIN AWESOME would not be injured.

CAPTAIN AWESOME handed up the Container of Awesomness to sidekick and made her way up.

It was extremely difficult, but she managed it.

They carefully skimmed off the outer layer of slightly dirty snow and uncovered the pristine layer beneath it. Everything was going well, until-

CAPTAIN AWESOME suddenly fell off the roof! (Or was pushed)

*dramatic music*

It looked hopeless.

Sidekick was hearbroken. Especially when she realized that she would have to carry CAPTIAN AWESOME to the house!

Grunting and groaning, she managed to hoist CAPTAIN AWESOME up! But it was a long march back.

Two hours later, Mom heard a knock at the door. She opened it and sidekick staggered in! She had done it!

CAPTAIN AWESOME was revived by the warmth of the house, and she recovered seconds after sidekick carried her in.

But sidekick, well, sidekick had a few problems. But who cares?

Well, that concludes the adventure of CAPTAIN AWESOME and her faithful sidekick!


Eldarwen said...

Oh my goodness, I loved that post! My sisters are probably thinking I'm weird since I'm laughing at a computer screen! But little do they know this post was hilarious! Loved it when Captain Awesome fell off the roof! That was hilarious! =D


Tessa/Lorenias said...

hahahahahaha! Go Captain Awesome and Sidekick! Nice going Sidekick you are strong! I loved it Taylor!

Taylor said...

Eldarwen: Thanks!

Tessa: Whaddya mean, she's strong? I only weigh a little more than she does! I'm not that heavy! lol said...

O gosh that was too funny!