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Thursday, April 29, 2010

What's Happening.

I haven't posted in a few days, and I'm so ashamed of myself! *slaps cheek* There, I feel better. lol Tonight, we went to a play titled "The Secret Garden." I read the book and watched the movie several years ago, so I knew a little of what was going on. But frankly, it was a little disappointing. Actually, it was more than a little disappointing, it was VERY disappointing! =( It was really confusing and the songs weren't very good. But, it was an experience! =D

My other bit of news is something much more serious. You remember how I played a song for recital? I'm pretty sure I posted about it. Well, I have to play the same song for Piano Clinic tomorrow. Clinic used to be a competition, then some kid started whining about losing, so now it's not. =( Some people just can't accept being losers. Well, it used to be that everyone would play once, then the 'losers' would be eliminated, then the people who were good enough would play again and get awards. Of course, I was never eliminated! *fluffs hair* Wow, I sounded just like Eldarwen there! Yikes! lol jk Anyway, the song has to be memorized, and mine isn't too firm in my head. It's the "Minute Waltz", in case you forgot. I'm really nervous, even though I've been doing this since I was six. =( I keep asking myself why I put myself through this year after year, but I just don't know! Wait, I have figured it out! It's because I get to get ice cream afterwards!!!!! Yes, that's it! =D


Eldarwen said...

"Wow, I sounded just like Eldarwen there!" -- Ya know, everytime I said th whole "*fluffs hair*" thing, it was a J-O-K-E, right? lol :P

Good luck on yo recital! I know you're awesome, and you're gonna be awesome! ;D

Love bunches,

Eldarwen said...

Oh, and I fed your little fishies so many fishy-kibbles (if that's such a thing), they're probably going to have a tummy ache for the next week. =) Sowwy. *pouty face* Whoops! But, you know what a push-over I am when it comes to hungry animals... :) I reccomend "bed-rest" for the next week and lots and lots of chamomile tea. ;) Oh wait, they're fish! Sorry. I just take my job as a doctor so seriously, sometimes I get a little carried away. :P

Lady Gwenea Zestia Binn said...

I read the Secret Garden years ago and loved it. It's one of my favorite books.

It's too bad the play wasn't good.

Ahh, Ice cream! always a good motivator, eh?


What? Sounding like Eldarwen is a fantastic thing! She's so funny!

Oh wait. you actually got ot meet her.

Blahhh, don't listen to me, I'm going off on a ramble!