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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Minnesota, here we come! (right after I finish cleaning)

Strange title, yes. So, I forgot to tell you that Christy, Mom, and I are going up to Minnesota tomorrow for a week to visit my older sister and her new baby. I'm sorry! It just slipped my mind! Please forgive me. *contrite look* Today, we are going to undergo massive cleaning! =O Mom has this idea that the house has to be beautiful when we leave. =P I have a little bit of computer time before I must go.

Last night, Christy and I went up to the pond to feed the fish when we got home from church. =D The fish, as you remember, are still babies, so they must be fed. Anyhoo, we were feeding them, when I almost stepped on this monstrous frog! The thing was like twice as big as my foot! (Which is saying a lot lol =D) Well, Christy tried to grab it, and got thoroughly grossed out by the slime on her hands. And it got away anyway. =P Fail. No, they're really hard to catch by hand! So, we busted out the big equipment that we needed for the job. A net, a bucket, and a box. =D We took turns with the net, and while I pinned it to the ground, Christy would grab it through the net and carefully put it on the box with the other frogs.

But, when she went in to get the equipment stuff, I was left sitting on the bucket with a frog in it. I turned off my light and looked up at the stars. My Dad and I love the stars! =D It was quite amazing! The night was just so clear, and off to the side, some clouds were starting to move over me. But right then, they were still to the side. I could see lighting and hear the thunder. It was really neat! (yes, it did rain last night) And I saw the stars twinkle! Eep! It was just so exciting. I can't remember the last time I had seen the stars twinkle. I had very bad eyesight for a few years. The people at the eye doctor office were shocked! I couldn't even read the second line on the chart. How embarrassing. In science class, we learned what made the stars twinkle, but I didn't really know what it looked like anyway. Well, last night, I had my contacts in, and I was so excited! =D But when Christy came back and I tried to show her, the clouds had already moved over. =( But still, it was awesome!

Back to the frogs. We caught three in all. The rest were starting to get smart, and would just leave as soon as they saw us. =P We caught a really big one, not as big as the one I almost stepped on though, and two smaller ones. By that time, it was 11:30, and I had forgotten my phone in the house, so Mom had no idea what we were doing. =D We wanted to show the frogs to Dad, but he wasn't home yet. =( So, we left them out front in a covered bucket. =D Last night, we had just gotten home from church, and I changed out of my skirt (thankfully) but left my shirt on because I just thought we were going out to feed the fish. Yeah, right. But, when I came back inside after it all, my pale blue shirt with white flowers seemed to have escaped harm! Woohoo! =D We're going frogging again tonight, and we're going to catch the big one!

Also, you may notice a few new little gadgets around. Please use them! Mainly, the fridge and the puzzle. =D I did the puzzle, it took me half-an-hour! But it was fun! I'm going to put some more on the bottom of my blog when I get the chance. =D And thanks for the overwhelming support of Stripey! =D

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