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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Shopping Trip!

Hey guys! =D I'm still in Minnesota, and having fun! Yesterday, we went shopping! Which, I normally hate. Weird, right? Well, I can never seem to find anything in my size for one thing. (one of my nicknames is 'bones') And it's just downright boring. But, up in Minnesota, the stores are a lot better I hear, and it seems to be true! Look what I got!

Sorry, I know that it's blurry, but you get the idea. =D I was going to have me modeling all these skirts, but I don't have a willing photographer, so that was out.

I love this one. The colors are pretty, and it hangs down in back farther than it does in front, if you know what I mean. =D I have always wanted a skirt that did that! =D

I like this one pretty well, not my favorite. But still, one in my situation can't be too picky. =) It covers my ugly knees and is very comfortable. I never wear anything above the knee. I'm quite clumsy, and my knees are all scarred up from falling so much, and besides, their knobby. =D

Eh, I like this one okay too. But like I said before, it fits and I like it all right. =D

Aha! This is a wrap skirt. I had to model it or you wouldn't get it. I love the color, though Mom is slightly less thrilled about it. =D I had to cut off my top half in the picture, because I was wearing a blue shirt with that gorgeous skirt. *shudders*

Ooh, this is probably my favorite. I LOVE this skirt. I love the colors, I love the pattern, I love how it hangs down farther in back, I love how it fits! =D

And if that last one isn't my favorite, then this one is! You cannot fully appreciate it's beauty when it's just lying there, but like I said, I didn't have a photographer. =/ Oh well! I still think it's gorgeous.

Also, on this wonderful shopping trip, I got several shirts and two or three jean skirts. This is the biggest shopping trip that I've ever had! =D And here's the kicker. I got all of this stuff at a Goodwill. =O I can see you are all shocked.

I'll be posting pictures of my sister and her family later. =D Makenzie is my sister April's baby girl. She's the whole reason we are here, and I'm posting about my clothes. Bad Taylor! *smacks face*
"Ouch, why did you do that?"
"Because you are being totally selfish and self-absorbed. What are your followers going to think about you?"
"Oh, I suppose you are right. But still, you didn't have to slap me!"
"Well, consider it a lesson, young one. *pats my head condescendingly*
"*mutters under breath* Jerk."


Alexandra said...

Beautiful skirts! My fav. is the one before the last one. :)

**Hahaha--love the conversation with yourself :P

Tessa Brooke said...

haha! you're so funny Taylor! Cute skirts...

Stephanie said...

Lol, Taylor! Those are some really cute skirts. I can't believe you got them at Goodwill. If only my Goodwill was that, um, good. =D My favorite is the wrap pink one.

Eldarwen said...

Awesome!! I love shopping, but not all-day shopping. :-)
I love it when you talk to yourself.... lol =D

Taylor said...

Thanks guys! Well, as Eldarwen can testify to, I got sickish a little while back, and in one of the emails, I started carrying on a conversation with myself, which I am still considering posting. =D But since then, I've been talking to myself a lot.

Stephanie, the Goodwills back down in Arkansas stink! But up here, they're really good! =D Weird, huh?

I'm probably inclined to agree with Alexandra, the one before last is my favorite. =D

Stephanie said...

Love the skirts! :) My favorite is the purple floral one. :)


Monica said...

Their all jut beautiful!
Hmmm...if it came to a favorite...I dunno...I'd love if you posted that conversation with yourself