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Thursday, July 29, 2010


Hmmm, I had a discouraging amount of comments on the last post. And it was really funny and took a long time! Why is that? Like right now, I'm going to predict that I get more comments on this dinky little post than I did on that huge post! (don't let that discourage you from commenting. =D) This is just an update.

Tomorrow is the last day of swim class for Sarah and Emily! *cheers* It's been fun, for me at least, but I'm going to be SO glad when it's over! We're gone all morning, then we have to come home and do school until like, 5:00 p.m.! =O It's terrible! But after tomorrow, it's over! =D The good news is that Sarah can now swim by herself! =D Three cheers for Sarah! Hip hip, hooray! Hip hip, okay, that's enough of that. We're all very proud, yada yada yada. The bad news is, Emily is not a good swimmer at all. She's the smallest in the class, and Christy helps her. And Christy isn't the best with little kids. =/ She loves tiny babies, but small children frustrate her. Basically, she's been telling Emmy that she's a brat. =( So Emmy's really discouraged. So I'm taking Emmy tomorrow to cheer her up. =) I'm sure that Christy will get better when she's more mature. =)

Emmy's birthday was a few days ago, on Tuesday! You don't know how long she's been waiting for it! Sarah's birthday was two months ago, and she's been teasing Emily ever since. So this birthday was VERY satisfying! =D

Tomorrow, we're babysitting at our church. Some people in our church run a ministry, and the people who attend need some people to watch their kids. Mom and I "volunteered". Jk, we really did offer! Christy is going to be put with the babies, and I'm going with older kids, like 7-8 year olds. That's the age group that I teach in Awanas. =D After that, we're going to pick up my awesome bf Rebekah! (Becky) We went out to the lake last week with her, and I'll be posting those pictures in a couple of weeks, I'll explain why later. But Becky and I played Monster Hunter last time she was here, and there's this one creature we can't defeat! We tried so hard, but he's sooooooo tough! My nephew, Galon, was there, and he named the huge, rocky, rhinocerous-like creature "Earl". It was so funny! You're not laughing? *mutters* Well, you kinda had to be there.....
Anywhoo, this time, we're going to defeat Earl! Blaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrgggghhhhhh!!!!!! That's my battle cry, like it? =D (Hey, it's the best I can do) Blaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrggggggghhhhhhh!!!!! =D

In precisely a week from tomorrow, we will be on our way to Alaska. *silence* You're waiting for some kind of exclamation of joy, aren't you? Well, you're not going to get it. I do not WANT to go to Alaska, I'm being forced! =O We're going up to go fishing. Yippee. =( I HATE fishing. >=(  But I'm sure it will be fun (kinda) and I often have to eat my words. =D So you won't get bored and forget me, I'm going to schedule a few posts while I'm gone. Aren't I clever? =D I'll be posting the lake pictures, and pictures of my dream house. A couple of months ago, I did a tag, and one of the questions was to describe my dream house. I said I didn't have to describe it, I knew where it was! =D I'm sure you will all agree with me on it's awesomeness, and I have an amusing little story to go along with it. But, you'll have to wait! What? You can't? Well, my dear, you have no choice! Just try to contain yourself! Remember, patience is a virtue.

I guess this isn't such a dinky little post after all, huh? Oh well! =D


The Golden Eagle said...

I've never been fishing, so I can't say I hate it . . . but sitting around waiting for something to bite never did particularly appeal. :P

Stephanie said...

I've never been fishing, but I've only heard that it's fun. I don't know anyone that hates it. Well, I hope the rest of your trip to Alaska isn't too boring! :D

Eldarwen said...

Happy [late] birthday sweet little Emily!! :)

I LOVE FISHING!! You're just being a sour puss 'cause you don't wanna leave me, aren't you? :P

Monica said...

Alaska's cool! (I've never been there but it's cool.) I'm sure you'll have fun! Are you going there on a boat or flying? *ecstatic sigh* dream houses. I' like to keep on the look out for mine. Though there's one thing I'm sure of. I'm going to do my best to have a dream house with white birches in the yard. I love white birches...