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Monday, August 2, 2010

Another Update on my Stupid Foot!

I hate having everyone's attention on my foot. As Eldarwen knows, I hate my feet, and it's quite embarrassing, not being able to fit a sock over the bandage. But, yesterday, I did go to church. Christy tried to convince me to go on crutches, but I didn't want to draw attention to my foot, so I didn't. Now, I really wish I would have. My shoe rubbed on the scrapes all over my foot and made the worst one on my heel bleed through all the bandages and wrappings, and made the bandage stick to it. *shudders* I won't go into that. I have a large abrasion several inches long down the side of my leg, because the wheel of the gocart kinda bent my leg under. I still don't understand how nothing was broken!!! But I'm thankful. =D

My abrasions don't look too good, not trying to scare Eldarwen. But in truth, it doesn't look very good at all. I'm just really hoping I don't have to go in to the doctor. Every time I do, it always ends up as a bad experience. I keep using peroxide, so it had better work for all that pain!

It's funny, every time I get an injury (which is quite often), I seem to hurt that area more than usual. Example: since I have hurt my foot/ankle/leg, I have: slammed it in the door, stepped on it, dropped a potatoe on it, and kicked a bowling ball. (lol, that last one sounded funny) =D I don't think my foot is ever gonna heal!!!! *sob* jk Prayers appreciated.

On a brighter note, tomorrow, we're going to go see the play, Beauty and the Beast. I've heard that it's really good!  =D I can't wait!

We're leaving for Alaska on Friday morning. AND WE GET TO FLY!!!! I LOVE flying!!!!! =D So, that's all the info I have for now. Next time, I will not post about my stupid foot. =D


Eldarwen said...

Omigosh, Tay!! That sounds super painful... and terrible! :O I will be praying.

DON'T LEAVE ME!!!! YOU CAN'T LEAVE ME, GIRL!!! Actually, it's kinda okay now because next Monday I'm going to stay with a friend for a whole week (she lives a few hours away). So, we'll both be gone. Hopefully when I get back, you'll be back (but not likely *cries*).

The Golden Eagle said...

I hope your foot heals! That sounds really bad . . .

Gwenea Zestia Binn said...

Y'know, if you call your foot stupid, it might do stuff just to get back at you.


Taylor said...

Yeah, my foot does seem to be getting back at me. =( Thanks for caring! =D