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Monday, August 16, 2010


I have SO much to tell, it isn't even funny. First of all, I'M BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D And so happy! It was a rough flight here, but totally worth it. But, I'm going to start from the beginning....
Day One.

We woke up at seven a.m., and put the finishing touches on the packing, you know, tooth brushes, contact cases, earrings, hairbrush, all that jazz. I also took my pills, for the infection in my foot. I took one at seven and shoved the rest into my purse. By the time we left, I was having severe stomach cramps. You know, the kind where you hold your breath and try to breathe smoothly. Also, I was wearing my Nike's, the first tennis shoes since my injury on my heel. We stopped because I thought I was going to throw up, then checked my foot and saw that there was already a big ol' blood spot on my sock. So we went to a Dollar Store and bought a pair of flip flops, and were on our way again. I felt so sick, I had my head out the window, just in case. =) Mom dropped us off at the airport, we cruised through customs, blah blah blah, bottom line, we were sitting waiting for our flight. Christy wanted something to eat, and I definitely wasn't feeling up to it, but Dad thought that it would be a good idea, since I had skipped breakfast. So, I ate half of a giant pretzel, and felt SO much better! On the side of the bottle of pills, there was a warning about taking one on an empty stomach. *rolls eyes* So, as long as I keep my stomach filled, I feel fine. Nifty, huh? =D

The flight was amazing, I absolutely LOVE flying! It's so exhilerating! And I would have taken a picture out the window, but I was using my Mom's phone, and couldn't figure out how to get to the camera. =( (Remember, my phone was ruined in the pool) =( The first flight was two hours to Minneapolis, then six hours to Anchorage. =O It wasn't too bad, but we were really thrown off when we got to Anchorage and the time was three hours later than in Arkansas. Not to mention that it was nine p.m., and still light! Weird...

Christy and Dad went to Alaska two years ago, and stayed at a particular hotel, the Sockeye Inn. We stayed there again, and it was awesome! Everything in Alaska is so expensive!!!! =O We got a really good deal on a suite, and it was REALLY nice. =D =D End of Day One.

Day Two.

In Anchorage, there's like a weekend market. It's so cool, people with stuff to sell set up on the weekends in the summer. And there is a lot of cool stuff! It's quite amazing. We spent all day there, just looking around. We got some REALLY good food! I wasn't feeling very good again, but still, the food was great! We had pizza, deep-fried halibut, and corn on the cob, all excellent! Yum! =D End of Day Two.

Day Three.

We drove quite a ways through Alaska, down to Homer, a little town at the bottom or edge or whatever, some spot on Alaska. I wouldn't know, I was sleeping. We went down there to set up a fishing trip for halibut. (And Dad got some clam chowder) lol =D The drive takes a few hours, and stopped and looked at some mountains and stuff on the way down. Actually, we went to a glacier. I can't recall the name, but it was really cool! (no pun intended) =D The hike up was pretty rough on me, I was wearing my tennis shoes, and it was rubbing a lot. Not to mention that the actually tendons or something of the heel were bruised, and I couldn't put any weight on it. =(  But we got some cool pictures. =D End of Day Three.

Day Four.

For breakfast, we ate at this WAY over-priced restaurant. Outrageous... >=( Then we drove to.......*drum roll*.......Wasilla! =D =D =D.......*silence* Oh, I'm sorry, I assumed that you guys knew what was there. SARAH PALIN!!!!! My hero! (not really) But I do admire her a LOT! She's awesome! And I was in her home town!!!!!!!!!!! *screams* I still can't believe it! And.....*smooths shirt and looks important* I got my fishing license there. *struts* lol =D We also went to this cool nature place, and went hiking on some trails. What was intended to take a few minutes turned into a few hours, as we went on the trails. The nice man at the nature place assured us that the trails were good, seeing that I was wearing flip flops because of my heel. So, off we went. After about an hour, we came to a river running down the trail. I mean, a river. Of Alaskan glacier water. You know that this spells disaster. So, we worked our way along beside the river, until we had to cross to get to the good side. Now, the river down the trail that we had to cross was maybe two-three feet across, no more than half a foot deep. But remember, its COLD! =O There were some branches and rocks across it, and Dad and Christy, able to jump, made it across with ease. Of course, me, not being able to jump, attempted to cross the makeshift bridge they had lovingly constructed for me. Don't be fooled, they knew what would happen. The first step I took, my foot slipped and my flip flip got stuck in the mud. I was already going forward and couldn't stop, so my other foot splashed in the river. My wonderful family was standing on the safe shore, laughing at me. I reached down and yanked my stupid flip flop out, which was now covered in mud. I had to wash my feet and flip flops out by wading in the river. Ha. Ha. Hilarious. Of course, Dad was taking pictures during my struggles, amid fits of laughter. End of Day Four.

Day Five.

*groan* The most miserable day of the whole trip. Salmon fishing. *shudder* I'm not sure that I'm ready to talk about this, the experience is still too near. No, I can do this. *takes deep breath* We woke up at 3:00a.m.. In the morning. We drove for two hours, and met the fishing guide at 5:00a.m.. We then proceeded to embark on a boat ride around the lake in sub-zero temperatures (exaggeration). Our faces were like masks. The wind knifed through our clothing, chilling us to the bone. The rain pelted us as we flew along. Our eyes were frozen shut (exaggeration). We finally reached our fishing destination. Wade, the guide, showed us the proper way to use the outdated and outlandish fishing poles (exaggeration), and we settled into our routine of drudgery. Right at the beginning, I had a bite, but my hands were too cold to hook the salmon. (exaggeration) Dad caught a salmon, bringing it in expertly (exaggeration). As he held it up proudly, I winced in knowing that I had missed my opportunity earlier (exaggeration). Next, Christy reeled in a beautiful fish as well. Now my face burned in shame, knowing that my sister had outdone me (exaggeration). If I would have had a paper bag, I would have been wearing it on my head. But that was it. Nothing more happened. We sat for hours. Nothing. Our numb arms ached from casting again and again, yielding no results. Finally, I turned to Dad, tears welling up in my eyes. Something inside of him must have stirred at the sight of my misery, and he told Wade that we were probably done. While I was glad about that, there was still the long, freezing, windy boat race back to the dock. But I braved it out, and lived to tell about it.
Later, we went on a moose hunt! Dad wanted to see a moose so badly, he would have us scour the countryside as we drove along, but to no avail. Many people had seen moose in this particular park, and Dad was enthusiastic as he threw us into the car and dragged us around the trails, ever in search of the elusive moose. Finally, we spotted two. Actually, we asked everyone we passed on the trails, asking them if they had seen any moose around, and one guy told us where to find two. They were two bull moose. As I told my friend, Ryan, a bull moose is a daddy moose, and a cow moose is a mommy moose. Yes, I live with toddlers. And a calf moose......yeah, you've got it. =D These moose were awesome, so huge! It was so cool! So, we took a million pictures, and moved on. As we were walking, we heard a noise to the side. Parting the bushes, we saw a cow moose and twin calves lying down. AWWWWWWWW!!!!! They were so cute! The calves looked like little foals. =D We took some pictures, but they weren't very good. By this time, my heel wouldn't bleed when wearing shoes, and I could put a small amount of weight on it. =D =D Very exciting! End Day Five.

Day Six.

The day of the legendary halibut fishing trip!!!! Now, after that terrible salmon experience, I was set to suffer. But the boat was nice, the weather was nicer, the equipment was nicer, it was so much nicer! And WHAMMO! Right away, we started catching fish. And I mean FISH! The first one Dad caught was only (ONLY) ten pounds, a mere guppy. So we threw him back. Our limit was two halibut per person, so if we each caught, say, a 17-pound fish, that's a LOT of fish. And we did each catch our limit. It was so much fun! The reel were so hard to reel in, since the line had a weight on the end, AND it was really far down, AND a fighting fish on the end! So Dad helped a lot. =D =D We were out for about seven hours, and it was a blast. Also, we saw orcas!!!! A whole school of the killer whales leaped by. It was amazing. =D End Day Six.

Day Seven.

On that day, we went up to Denali, a national park. Dad and Christy went there two years ago and saw four grizzly bears. Little did we know that it had been pure luck. We drove four hours to get there, then four hours back, and no grizzly bears. Now that, is sad. But oh well, we drove through some beautfiul contrysides. =D End Day Seven.

Day Eight.

This was when we left Alaska. =( Very sad. We packed up all our stuff and the fish, went and hung out at the weekend market again, then went to the airport. The flight out of Anchorage to Detroit was amazing! The bad thing was that it was like seven hours long, but everyone had there own TV, and could pick from several movies, lists of music, and lots of games. I watched.......can you guess? CLASH OF THE TITANS!!!!!!!!! =D It was great, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I didn't get any sleep, but I managed to keep myself amused while everyone else was snoozing. =D The airport at Detroit was a joke. They had our plane and the hangars or something mixed up, so no one knew where to go, and it was very frustrating since it was like six o'clock in the morning, and none of us had had any sleep. But we got hooked up with the right plane, and landed safely in the beautiful state of Arkansas. =D =D 

Just a couple of things I wanted to mention, there are some REAL men in Alaska!!!!! *drools* I have never seen so many hot guys in my life! And they weren't sissies either. Lots of them carried guns, just because they could. I love it!!!!!!!! =D =D =D 

I also saw three AWESOME movies! I will list them from least favorite, to favorite. Now, I'm not saying that I didn't like one of these, I thought all three were some of the best I've ever seen! It's just the way I'm listing them. 

3. Sorcerer's Apprentice.
This movie was great! Quite clean, no cussing or indecency that I recall, but a couple of things were a little iffy. =/ But this movie was GREAT! I highly recommend it. (Also, it has Nicolas Cage) =D =D 

2. The Dark Knight. 
I LOVE this movie! =D =D I know it isn't exactly new, but it's the first time I've seen it. First off, what made it a great movie is that the Batman, a.k.a. Bruce Wayne, played by Christian Bale, is SUPER HOT! WHOOOOOO!!!!! *ahem* Sorry, I shall try to control myself. There is an excellent plot, very suspenseful. I was on the edge of the bed the whole time, playing with my new knife and threatening anyone who passed up the chance to kill the Joker. I think he is one of the worst villians I've ever seen in a movie, just because he's nuts! It's scary! I was so upset though, when I found out that the Joker was played by Heath Ledger. Who is Heath Ledger, you may ask? Well, if you have ever seen The Patriot, is is the very cute son of the main dude. He is awesome! I can't believe he was the Joker! >=( But Heath Ledger died from a drug overdose right after that movie was made. =( Anyway, GREAT movie!

1. INCEPTION!!!!!!!!
 WOW! This movie was incredibly incredible!!!!!!! The story was amazing! So complicated, and action packed, and suspenseful and everything!!!!! I loved it so much!!!!!!!!!! I highly recommend it to anyone. The thing I didn't like about it was the cussing. I mention this because when I ask someone how a movie is, I like to know the pros AND cons. There was some very innapropiate swearing, very offensive, and very unnecessary. So watch out for that. The acting was terrific, I loved every one of the characters. Especially Arthur, played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt. I am totally in love with him at the moment, he is so awesome in the movie!!!!!!!! =D I didn't understand everything, but I knew that I wouldn't, so it was okay. I laughed, I cried, I screamed, I smiled. Loved it. =D =D =D =D =D =D

(Also, today my phone was replaced. YAY!) =D

I missed you guys SO much!!!!

Well, that's all the days I have! I know, we were gone longer, but some o 


Emily Ann said...

EEEEE!!!!! Welcome back Taylor!!!
Your trip sounded like a lot of fun...and filled with fish! *laughs* It's really awesome that you got to see orcas, and got to go to Sarah Palin's hometown.

In Christ,

Ashley said...

Welcome back!!!! ^^

Taylor said...

I know right?! It was AwEsOmE!!!!!!!!!!!! =D =D

The Golden Eagle said...

Hey! Welcome back!

Monica said...

What no pictures!! jking! LOL
Sounds fun!!!!!
Man I live a ways away from Detroit and they sure sound like they gave us Michiganders a bad name :-(
Welcome back!