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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Aren't We Clever?

This will probably be a lot more funny to me than you guys. =D Last night, I was talking on the phone with a couple of my friends, Ryan and Becky. Somehow, we got on the topic of "Puff the Magic Dragon", which Ryan is scared of. (lol) I can say that without worry of him ever finding out because he never reads my blog. >=P Anyway, we talked for like an hour, then he hung up and Becky and I talked for a couple more hours. I checked my unread text messages when I was done, and Ryan had sent me a recording of him singing a stupid song about Puff he had just made up! It was SO funny!!!!!!!!!! I almost died! It's now my ringtone!!!!! If I can figure out how, I'll try to post it on here. =D Here are the words:

Puff, the magic dragon,
He makes little kids scared.
They flail around in ag-on-y...
Cuz he's got an evil glare.

I know, I know, you guys think I'm crazy. But if you knew him, and how shy he is.... =D Anyway, he said he was going to try to figure out the music to it on the guitar, so I offered to do it on the piano. =D I got the tune down really fast (it's very simple) but it took me forever to write it down!!!!!  For one thing, I had to make my own music paper to write the notes on!! And, my notes were drawn so badly they're almost illegible. But I did finish it. =D Ryan's going to write a few more verses. =D =D But then he had a suggestion. He said, "Hey, why don't you play the music to it and sing harmony with me?" Haha. Yeah, that's gonna happen. =D

1 comment:

Eldarwen said...

Gosh, Ryan is such a nerd. Why am I not surprised? lol :D When you two finish that song you have to sing it for me. :D