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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Baby Pictures!

I'm back! We got back last night. And I brought pictures! Lots and lots of em. So be prepared. For those of you who don't know, my family went up to Minnesota for a week because my sister was having a baby!  These are all baby pictures, we did some other stuff, but I'll post about that later.

  In the waiting room. I was playing the Nintendo Ds I got for Christmas and Christy was picking on Sarah and Emily. April (my sister who was having the baby) had to have a C-section, so we were waiting for her to get out of surgery.

Nic (her husband) came up the elevator with little Makenzie! He went with April into surgery, so he had to wear that stuff over his clothes. April was still in the surgery room, we didn't see her until that night.

Oh, how beautiful!

We all went back to the room where they out Makenzie on a heated table so they could give her shots and stuff. I didn't post any pictures of her without a diaper; I don't want to offend anyone.

You can't tell because of her hat, but she had a cone head! She was so big, she couldn't get out naturally, so they had to do a C-section. I can't remember why her head was cone shaped, but it was! I was a little scared at first, but now her head is completely normal!

Also, in between her eyes, there is a big bruise. That's were her head was hitting April's pelvic bone, preventing her from getting in the birth position. You might be able to see it better in the previous picture.

She didn't like the cold stethoscope on her! This is the only part of her checkup that I took pictures of. I couldn't bring myself to take pictures of her getting her shots!

The nurse was nice though. She didn't seem to be offended that Makenzie was screaming at her at the top of her lungs! LOL

Makenzie weighed 9lbs. 6oz.! I guess that's pretty big for a baby. But when the nurse picked her up, she looked really tiny to me. I wish I could have seen my other older sister, Jennifer, when she was a baby. Mom said she weighed 4lbs.6oz.! I can't even imagine a baby that tiny!

The proud father. And my Mom.

There's Grandma! Actually, this is the fourth time she's been Grandma, but she doesn't get tired of it. For those of you who don't know, that's my Mom.

After everything was done, the nurse 'swaddled' Makenzie because it was still cold to her.

How cute!


Well, that's all folks! I'll be posting more pictures soon. (I hope) I'm also planning another CAPTAIN AWESOME post!


Tessa/Lorenias said...


Taylor said...

What a sweet little blessing... such an adorable baby! Congratulations to the family!! :)


Eldarwen said...

Congratulations, April!... and Taylor! You're an aunt for the... 4th(?) time. :) Makenzie is adorable! ;)