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Friday, February 5, 2010

100th post celebration.

Okay, since I have decided to celebrate my hundred posts, I have to tell one hundred random things about myself. *sigh*.

1. I hate spiders.

2. I love Owl City.

3. I have a bird.

4. I have two dogs.

5. I love working with children.

6. I go to a Baptist church.

7. I love my internet buddies!

8. I love to write stories.

9. My favorite show is Lord of the Rings.

10. I have seen Pride and Prejudice only twice.

11. I have a horse named Mocha.

12. My bird's name is Sunny.

13. My Siberian husky's name is Sierra.

14. Sierra is gorgeous!

15. I am trying to wear skirts for a month.

16. I can be very sarcastic.

17. I'm very creative.

18. I have three younger sisters and two older sisters.

19. My two youngest sisters are adopted from Vietnam.

20. I have no brothers.

21. I want an older brother. (I can almost see the shocked expression on your face)

22. I named my laptop Bert.

23. I am sixteen.

24. I am studying for my license.

25. I am wondering if I can stop now.

26. I don't have very many followers.

27. I have seven blogs.

28. I like to watch and play football.

29. I like the Vikings.

30. I love the Razorbacks!

31. I don't like healthy food.

32. I love junk food!

33. I'm usually not hungry.

34. My parents force me to eat, or else I would just eat chocolate for meals.

35. I like to watch Little House on the Prairie.

36. My sister Christy loves TV.

37. Christy has a dog named Tanner.

38. I love getting email!

39. I'm 5'9.

40. I'm too tall to wear heels.

41. I  have thirteen pairs of shoes.

42. I teach at Awanas.

43. I go to a Baptist church.

44. I am a very fast reader.

45. I love blogging!

46. I had a caption contest on my blog once, but it failed.

47. I like romances.

48. But I love science fiction!

49. I like to tease people.

50. I can't believe this is only number fifty!

51. I love Junior Mints!

52. And I could eat Three Musketeera all day long!

53. I am homeschooled.

54. I don't like algebra at all!

55. I'm good at spelling, history, and English.

56. I don't like Biology.

57. I like the name Heather.

58. I have been inside a bar.

59. I have been to most of the fifty states of America.

60. I like to wear skirts.

61. I'm always losing my socks.

62. I lost my Nintendo Ds last year.

63. I got a new one for Christmas.

64. I lost that one too.

65. But I eventually found it!

66. I like Narnia.

67. I like taking pictures.

68. I like being crazy with friends.

69. I have only a few close friends.

70. I love pink!

71. I have a Wii.

72. And I have 22 games for it.

73. But I don't play the Wii very much.

74. My best friend's name is Rebekah.

75. I won't tell you my other best friend's name.

76. I like Italian salad dressing.

77. I don't really care what other people think of me.

78. I have a cool cowboy hat.

79. I hardly ever ride Mocha though.

80. And I have a cat named Crackerjack.

81. Most of my relatives live in Minnesota.

82. I love receiving mail!

83. My room is pink.

84. I love black cherry candles!

85. I wish it would snow more down here.

86. I have made a commitment to stay pure for my future husband.

87. I don't listen to Switchfoot or Relient K.

88. I am writing three stories at the moment.

89. I am usually pretty quiet.

90. I think my hair is brunette, Mom thinks it's blond, and Dad thinks it reddish.

91. I like to shoot guns.

92. I hate it when guys think I can't do stuff because I'm a girl.

93. I can't stand watching basketball.

94. I love dark chocolate!

95. I like to do CAPTAIN AWESOME posts.

96. I love to build fires!

97. Going down to the creek is fun.

98. I think fishing is boring.

99. I've had five BFF necklaces with the same person.

100. I don't like puzzles.

Ahh, what a relief! I had to do that in bits and pieces, that's why it took so long. Now I have the wonderful feeling of knowing that I celebrated my 100th post!


Stephanie said...

I'm 5'8 1/2", and I still wear heels. Maybe I just like looking down at people. =D Great post, and congratulations on your 100th post!

Tessa/Lorenias said...

Was #7 meant for me? Awww! Oh and #38 too! Aww Thanks Taylor! LOL

Taylor said...

I loved reading your "100 things"! Congratulations on a hundred posts, Taylor!! :)


Taylor said...

Thanks guys! Stephanie, it encourages me to know that you wear heels. Maybe I like looking down at people too! LOL JK