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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

And Yet More Snow!

I can't believe it! This is the most snow I ever remember getting! I think we have had about four 'snowstorms' down here in Arkansas this winter. I put snowstorm in quotes because my sister that just had her baby lives up in Minnesota, and she knows what a real snowstorm is! Anyway, it snowed a LOT yesterday, but th ground was still warm, so a lot of it melted. :( But there's still quite a bit. I forgot to post about the snow before this one, so most of these pictures are from the snow-before-last! So, without further ado...

I couldn't help adding this picture, she's so cute when she's all bundled up! This is Emily.

From left to right: Sarah, Galon, Emily, and Christy. And the two awesome snowmen in the background! The first is supposed to be Frosty, but he's more of a punk Frosty. The girls love that show, and every time it snows, they want a Frosty! But this was the first time that it had actually packed.

Dad helped them make two little Frosty's.

And I took some random snow pictures from our kitchen window.

That snow tasted very good.

Oh, I think someone took this picture on our way to Walmart. You may remember, I posted about that. This is the road out from our house.

A little birdie looking for seed on our back deck. Christy put some out. :)

Later, Dad and I went out to check on the horses. They were really skittish, so this is the closest picture I could get. From left to right: Penny, Patches, and the other two are Jase and Mocha. They're hard to tell apart without the snow! But Mocha is mine and Penny is Christy's.

While we were in the horse field, I called Sierra and took pictures of her running toward me.

I like this picture. :)

I just realized, all of those pictures were from the snow before last! Oops. Well, maybe I can take some more today. :) But I'm feeling a little depressed, the Saints won the Superbowl. How depressing. Poor Manning. :(


Tessa/Lorenias said...

Sounds like fun! We might get and inch tonight. Oh maybe we might get out and get to skip the science fair!!!!!!

Stephanie said...

I'm sort of jealous of all that snow, because here in the Northwest we have only gotten a very light dusting - it's been mostly in the 50's for most of winter (sometimes even into the 60's). :(

Also, I have awarded you at my blog:


Taylor said...

Tesss: I hope you get out!

Stephanie: Don't be jealous, it's starting to get annoying not being able to get out.

Taylor said...

Hey Taylor,
I'll tell her! I'm sorry I didn't get the comment you left me until just now... our internet has been down for a couple of days. :)