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Thursday, February 25, 2010

War Eagle Picnic.

I just discovered that I had these pics on my computer. And, since I am very bored, I decided to post them! Exactly a week ago, we went to someplace called War Eagle, I think. Dad wanted to do something because it was such a nice day outside, and since he owns the business, and Christy and I are homeschooled, we can just take a day off! Yay! Anyway, we stopped at Wal-mart and bought tons of food. (That always happens when Dad goes shopping :) Out at War Eagle, we stopped at a picnic place that also had a playground.

Some of the pictures were bright, Dad didn't use the right camera setting. He took all of these pictures. This is at the picnic site.

Yummm, Gatorade. Love it! Oh, and I was watching Christy on the playground, in case you're wondering what I was looking at. :)

Sarah's the one in the pink jacket standing next to Mom, and Emily is the one on the stairs.

After eating, we went hiking. Note: I had to wear jeans because on a hiking trip, it's just not practical to go in a skirt. Especially the way I run around. :D

Um, Christy and I ran ahead and hid in that little cave behind us. For some reason, we were trying to make a little boat out of bark to float down the river we were walking beside. Unfortunately, when we tried it, all of the stuff we had put on the boat floated off, and the boat floated upstream against the current! Go figure. I'm holding the boat and Christy's looking at it.

This cave was awesome! It's right on the trail, and it goes pretty far back.

Then we drove to the water mill, which was beside a small bridge. These giant pillars supported the bridge, that little ledge Christy is standing on goes all the way around. She and Sarah are looking at where someone had written his name in the sand, Alan. ;D

Sarah and Mom on the ledge.

Now we're all looking at the name Alan. There's a crazy story behind it, but it's too long to type right now.

The mill is behind them. That's my Mom and Dad.

Notice Christy and me in the background, standing on the dead tree.


Okay, perfect! Don't we look adventurous, ready for anything? That because we were trying to figure out the mystery of Alan's name in the sand. lol

This probably wasn't the most interesting post, but I was bored. Sorry!


Eldarwen said...

OMgosh! That's where Alan is trapped? Taylor, you could've jumped in there and saved him! Wait, I forgot. It's better for him to stay down there, huh? Oh, oh! You HAVE to tell them the story! Your followers MUST read it! It's hilarious! Come on, Taylor! Please?! {hugs}


Tessa/Lorenias said...

HAHA I missed the whole Alan part...what did I miss...:(