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Friday, February 26, 2010

Weird Alan Story.

Thanks to Eldarwen (Big Mouth!), I have to tell the story about Alan. I posted about our little trip to War Eagle a couple of days ago, and I mentioned that someone named Alan had written his name in the sand. I was willing to leave it at that, but a certain someone wanted me to tell the whole story. So, here it goes.

When Christy and I first saw Alan's name in the sand, we didn't think much of it. But as we studied the area, we saw things we couldn't ignore. Such as, a cigarrette and a beer can! We looked around, but Alan was nowhere to be seen. As we went down the river looking for more clues to his whereabouts, we found his name written several times in the sand along the water. Going back to the original name, we saw two handprints that we had missed before! Christy studied them and saw by the lines in his hand that he had been twenty-seven years old. She's very talented. The handprints led into the river! So, we deduced that Alan had smoked, then drank a beer. Then, drunk, he had crawled ino the river! But, suddenly, we noticed that the watermill had stopped! This could only mean one thing! Alan had floated upriver and got stuck in the mill! Christy and I raced upstream above the mill and looked down into it. But we couldn't see anything. Wait.

We saw a tiny whirlpool spiraling up from the bottom. It could only mean that Alan was alive and breathing somewhere underwater! We went back to the bridge where we originally saw his name, and we found an inscription in the concrete around the bottom. It said "Bridge Workers, 1995." Which means Alan must have been on the bridge crew! We saw several ducks upriver, and we knew that they must be bringing food to Alan! So, our final conclusion was, fifteen years ago, Alan, after finishing the bridge, decided to celebrate with a beer and a cigarrette. But, the alcohol was too much, and, delirious, he crawled into the river! Back in 1995, when this happened, the river must have been flowing the other way, so he floated toward the mill and got stuck! He has been living for the past fifteen years under the mill, surviving on the food the ducks bring him. But, at least he doesn't smoke or drink beer anymore, so this story has a happy ending!

P.S. Christy and I drew the name Alan alongside the river, and we also drew the handprints. We made up everything, except someone really had written the name Alan one time by the bridge.


Debbie said...

Come link your blog to our Arkansas Bloggers group that is forming. There are absolutely not obligations...just a way for us to be aware of others in Arkansas who are blogging.

Eldarwen said...

Yep, that's what friends do. lol =D < < <(see the big mouth?)

Yes! You told the story! *evil laugh* See peeps? Wasn't that so much fun! Christy and Taylor are two very talented girls. I probably would've seen the name and been like, "Ooh, I wanna write mine!" lol =D [no joke]