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Friday, April 30, 2010

An Eventful Evening.

This evening was a ton of fun! First, I had a piano competition that I told you about yesterday. Afterwards, we were to go to the movie "How to Train Your Dragon", which I will tell you more about afterwards. And... I have a surprise at the end of the post! Now, no peeking ahead! *glare* I mean it! I'm watching you! *suspicious look*
This is what I wore to the competition.

I did very well in the competition. I got a first place ribbon! =D

Afterward, we went to the movie. It was really good! I liked it a lot! My favorite characters were the twins! They were awesome! Haha! If you've seen it, tell me who your favorite character/characters are. =)

Then, we went shopping with Dad. Christy is playing softball, and she needed some new shorts. While she was looking at those, I went to the jeans section, not really expecting to find anything. I never find anything that I like. For one thing, I'm very tall and very thin. I have very long legs. Which means, whenever I find something that is actually long enough, the waist is like two of me. >=( But, I found TWO pairs of jeans!!!! *excitement* One pair actually drags the ground on the bottom!!!! Crazy. I'm so happy. Here are some pics:

See? The cuffs drag the ground!

Now, the surprise that you have all been waiting for. *dramatic music*

I got a phone!!!!!!!!!

Isn't it cool?! My friend Becky got one a couple of weeks ago for her birthday, except hers is black. We have been texting like crazy! =D

And it has a full keyboard! I'm so excited! I hope Becky and I can go accessory shopping tomorrow! All right, that's all the news I have right now. I'm sitting here watching "National Treasure with Dad and Christy, as I eat a bowl of chocolate syrup covered ice cream. Life is good. =D


Lady Gwenea Zestia Binn said...

Very cool! Pink is awesome!

You got first place?

Congrats Taylor!!!



Taylor said...

I love the outfit you wore in that first picture. And I don't think I realized your hair was that long! It looks so pretty. =) ...Congrats on winning a first place ribbon in the competition!!

Oh, I know! I loved that movie. But I think my favorite character would have to be Hiccup. lol Those twins were funny, though!

Oh, and yay!! I love the phone you got. Sarah and Emily are so cute. =D

<3 Taylor

Tay in Real Life said...

AWESOME phone! I wish mine was like that :D

Taylor said...

Thanks! I'm so glad that the competition is over! And I love the phone! I've been texting all morning! =D

Lady Gwenea Zestia Binn said...

Oh no!

Another Textaholic?

just kidding!



Tessa Brooke said...

coolio! I wish I could get a phone but mom says NO LOL

Taylor said...

I know what you mean Tessa! A few years ago, when I desperately wanted a phone, they said, "Absolutely not!" Now, when I casually mentioned to Mom, "Hey Mom, I think that it would be kinda cool to have a phone. Can I buy one?" she said, "Sure, whatever." Parents are weird. *shrugs*

And Gwen, I am NOT a textaholic! I have only texted for five hours today! *folds arms smugly* lol