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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Silver Dollar City!

We went to Silver Dollar City today! It was awesome! But, unfortunately, we got hardly any pictures. Five, total. I can feel your glares at me. *gulp* But it wasn't my fault! It was Mom! *points finger* SHE was the one who didn't take pictures! So glare at HER, not me! Anyway, here is a pic of the swings. They just go around and around. I have a... tradition. And I LOVE traditions! I make more every year. But I have been doing this one for awhile. Whenever I ride a roller coaster, I always hold my hand up through it all, waving. Isn't that right, Eldarwen? lol (She got a kick out of that at Six Flags) So, even though this wasn't actually a roller coaster, I was still waving like crazy to Mom.
See my hand? =D

We did a lot of other stuff, but no pics. Sorry. But these next pictures are of the end of our trip. There's this new ride where a boat goes through a windy river, and it has a bunch of waterguns on it. And there are water guns along the shore and stuff so it's like a big water battle. Well, I DID NOT want to get wet, so I watched while Christy went on the ride. But afterward, she started firing at people in the boats. Well, that did it. For those who don't know, I am EXTREMELY competitive! So, I joined in. And it was soooooooo much fun! Crazy fun. We had like troops. I was the captain, and I was always running along the docks, telling who to fire at and stuff. We would always pinpoint a person to soak! And since I was the leader, the people in the boats would always fire at me when I ran by to "rally the troops"! It was so fun! Christy was on the front ranks while I was in the tower manning a gun and calling out orders.  

Christy is so wet! But that is her post, I was just there for an emergency. At that spot, the guns are like one foot away from each other! So I don't stay there for long. =) Recogonize the shoes and capris that I'm wearing, Eldarwen? lol

Haha, here, one guy was yelling at me, and I was like, "What? I'm innocent!" It was so hilarious! And one guy came through, and since I always pick someone for the troops to shoot especially, I yelled, "Get baldie! Get baldie!" The guy heard me and started laughing, and Christy got him with a mouthful of water! Haha! And I looked at one guy in the boat as it passed, and I said, "I'm coming after you, buddy. Yeah, that's right, you!" And he said, "Bring it on, doll." It was so funny! He was soaked. Everyone in the boats would see me running around and pointing at certain people, and they kept squirting at me!!!!! 

It's very intense. These are the guns. The boat is about to pass, and we were spraying them. So much fun! (Have I said that enough?) lol Anyway, that was my exciting day! =D


Guinevere said...

lol! Your blog is awesome, Taylor!

Taylor said...

Thanks Guinevere!

***Emily*** said...

That sounds so fun! I love those ride were you get to shoot people with water. =D

In Christ,

Taylor said...

It was AWESOME Emily! I usually don't like wet rides, but I couldn't resist! And it was worth it! =D

Moriah said...

Looks like y'all had a lot of fun! I wish we could go to Fort Rock together again! It would be awesome to go to an amusement park too.

Taylor said...

MORIAH!!! Argh! I totally forgot about you! (No offence) When I visited Eldarwen, I should have visited you too! Especially since our Dad's like each other so much! Now why didn't I remember that?! *smacks forehead* lol =D

Denise said...

haha! sounds just like you Taylor! I need to actually meet you sometime...water park? LOL