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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Just Wanted to Say...

A couple of posts ago, I mentioned that I got a new Wii game called Monster Hunter Tri. Basically, it's a storyline about hunting creatures. The animation is excellent, and the monsters are really intimidating! It's a wonderful game, though the women aren't very decently dressed. Actually, the guys aren't either, which is TOTALLY unnecessary. =/ But, I love appropiately violent movies and games. And by appropriate, I mean not unnecessarily gory or disgusting, but I do really like science fiction like Lord of Rings, Star Wars, Spiderman, Eragon, and things like that. But my Mom, as some of you know, she hates that stuff. It grosses her out and is very boring to her, which sometimes causes friction between us. =) I'm a total Daddy's girl, and Christy and Mom have a lot in common. Dad and I are so similar, it's almost scary. When we get a new scary movie, then Dad and I stay up and watch it while Mom and Christy go to bed. =)

 But, when I got this game, Mom came down to the basement to watch me play it for a few minutes. She asked a few questions, grimaced at the right moments, and then left. But that really made my day. That my Mom would be willing to watch something that she hates (she didn't want me to get this game) just to make me feel good. She never reads my blog, so there's no chance of her reading this, otherwise, I wouldn't be posting this! =D Anyway, I just felt like sharing that. =)

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Tessa Brooke said...

:) Sounds fun...the only game we play on the wii is Mario Kart! I <3 that game! Ross is always in first and I'm usually always in second! Well email me monster hunter!