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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

New Look!

Hello everyone! I have redone my blog! The only reason that I'm telling you this is because I especially like the outcome of this makeover. So be sure to check it out! It took me over an hour. Also, I have said farewell to Patriot, the little pony that pranced around my blog. =( But don't worry, he'll be back later this year! =D We have a new pet, a blue dolphin. He has a little beach ball instead of an apple to click. (He doesn't have the best animation, but don't tell him! I wouldn't want to hurt his feelings) I'm having trouble thinking of a name for him. Suggestions are welcome. I'll try to put up a poll, but I don't know where to get one. So, please tell me how to make a poll! I really need to know, because I love polls! =D So much fun. Anyway, it's summer! Be happy! =D


Johanna said...

I love the little animal friens you keep on your blog! Could you please share with me the link where you found them??? Also, I think you should name your new little friend Dolly! Not very original, I know! But still, adorable!

Stephanie said...

If you want to do a poll, this is how you do it: Go to your Layout/Design. Click "add a gadget". When the add a gadget window pops up, just scroll down the window until you come to "Poll" - then enter the material needed (super easy!), and then just save it! Hope this helps!! :)


Eldarwen said...

Love the new look! =D

Taylor said...

Okay Johanna, up at the top left-hand corner of the blog it says "Free Flash Toys" Just click on it and it'll take you there. =D They have some really cute animals, but you have to have the right internet system! But obviously, you do, since you can see my friends. =D

Stephanie, thanks! I now have my poll up. =D

Thanks Eldarwen! I like it too! (duh!) =D

Taylor said...

I *love* the new look!

... And, I voted. =)

Taylor said...

Thanks Taylor! You voted? Hmmmm, it didn't show up. I think that blogger is a little messed up today, a friend of mine's blog wouldn't show comments for some reason. =D

The Golden Eagle said...

Nice new look! :D

Sara said...

O cool! I have a siberian husky also! Does yours get out a ton? Mine just got out yesterday ... and a couple days before.... and a couple days before. Haha! Great blog, love the dolphin!

Taylor said...

Yes she does! It's frustrating! But I love her. Thanks for the compliment! =D That's so cool how you have one too! =D