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Monday, July 5, 2010

Busy Day......*groan*

I knew that today was going to be busy, but I didn't predict some of the things that happened. This morning was great. Slept in till nine, played a board game with Christy and Galon in our PJ's. Then, at noon, we left for town. We had to drop Galon off at his house, and then take me to an algebra tutoring appointment. I had one last year, you may remember. *blech* I HATE algebra! With a passion! Anyway, the guy who teaches me, Josh, is really nice, and a really good teacher. =) But still, it lasted for over three hours! Too much algebra! I was very glad to get out of there! =O =D So, we were driving along, on our way home, when Mom smelled something strange. I didn't smell it because I was stuffing my face with salted peanuts, and I couldn't smell anything but that. =D (Hey, I was hungry!) Mom pulled over, and called Dad. (He's really good with cars) =D =D =D *bursting with pride* Yes, I love to brag on my Dad. The other day, my friend said, "Wow Taylor, can your Dad do everything?" Well, I got the point. =D Back to the subject.....

Mom was really hungry, so we walked across the street to Walgreens. (Which was air conditioned! Eep!) Dad came, but it would take awhile to fix the van, so we took his truck home. =( Poor Dad! It's hot out there! How I would hate to be a man! =P So yeah, that was my exciting day! =D

Last night, we did fireworks, and we got some really good ones this year! =O I got some pretty good pictures, but the best one I took with my phone! I'm told that my phone has an exceptionally good camera. (In fact, I'm always sending pictures to my friend Ryan, and he's always telling me not to rub it in =D) Anyway, I'll get the pics up soon. But the photo uploader is being stupid. =P I might have to switch back to the old one. >=P I was planning on watching LotR today, but that's out of the question now. =( I'll watch it tomorrow, we're not doing anything then. =D

Last night was my last night with Benadryl. We had a big fight, and I told him to split. (wow, seventies talk!) So, never fear girls, you were all right about him. What a jerk! >=P I put him waaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy back in the medicine drawer, so I won't be seeing him again for awhile. ;D


Eldarwen said...

I'm sorry about your van! Yeah, your dad is pretty rockin awesome!! =D

I'm so glad you dumped Benadryl! What a jerk he is! I'm glad you finally came to your senses!!

Taylor said...

Yes, is is "rockin awesome"! =D

Well, Benadryl just started taking over my life, and I decided to get out while I still could. =D (Besides, I think that he was cheating on me, because someone else said they were with him!) ='O