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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Alaska Pictures-Part One.

I posted this the first time, and one, maybe two people commented!!!!!! Very disappointing! This took a long time to make, and it's about an awesome trip! When you commented on the last Alaska post, you all wanted pics! Well, here they are! =D
Yes, these are the Alaska pictures!!!!!!! Yay! But only part of them. There are SO many, I would be here all day, so, I'm dividing them up in parts. I would have posted this yesterday on Saturday; interesting story behind that. I woke up at 10:00 (still getting used to the time change from Alaska), ate some donuts, and checked my email. I saw that I had comments on this post titled "My Dream House". I was sitting there thinking, "What? I didn't write that!" So I skedaddled on over and checked it out. Turns out that I made this post awhile back and scheduled it for today. Strange, huh? I like to get maximum comments on a post, so I try not to post more than once a day. So, that's why I'm posting it today. =D

Now, I already posted about what we did in Alaska. If you haven't read that, in order to understand this, you had better go back and read that. I am not sure at all what pictures go with what day, so this should be interesting. =D

At the airport. I may look happy, but I was SO sick! (I just knew that Dad was taking a picture) =D I was using Mom's phone that she lent to me, since I still hadn't gotten my new one!

In the airplane. I was already getting frustrated with Christy, as you can see. When she's wearing that dopey smile, and my hands are doing that, you know that she is annoying me on purpose!

Picture out of the plane.
When we transferred to another plane in Minneapolis, Dad sat across the aisle from me and Christy next to two guys, Kenny and Trampis. (trampis was his last name, we're pretty sure) Trampis was a very loud talker, and talked the WHOLE six hours on the flight! No joke! He was a sniper in the military, really awesome. But he kept swearing, which wasn't cool. But Christy and I noticed something that we thought was so funny. He kept using the word "frikin". Seriously, in every other sentence, he would say it! It was so hilarious! Christy and I were cracking up! (Even though we don't like that word) =D =D =D

Haha, these are like escalators, except they don't go up. They're just running along the floor, and it makes walking so much faster. =D

This is Kenny, one of the guys sitting next to Dad. We saw him and Trampis at the baggage claim.

And this is Trampis with his two little boys. He had been away from home for about four months, I think. His wife is there, but we didn't get her in the picture. =(
Another Day.

We went to some park the very next day. It was cold! And yes, I am wearing flip flops. With my heel still infected, it really hurt to wear shoes, so I wore flip flops. Which I HATE! >=( People walking by gave me lots of funny looks. =D

We went back to the car and got warmer coats. =D
The Next Day

This is a picture of us at the Weekend Market I told you about. =D =D

The food was AWESOME! Wow, my hair looks really long there. =O

One of Dad's random pictures.

That was an awesome malamute in the background!

He was so soft!

I'm not really sure what this is. When I uploaded it, I thought it had something to do with the next pictures.

I can feel the glare from my Texan friends. *cringe*

There was a whole stand dedicated to putting down Texas. Sorry Eldarwen. =D

In case you can't read it, it says:
"There are 2 kinds of people. Those who are Texan and those who wish that they were.
And the second one says:
"There are 2 kinds of people. Those who are Texan and those who are glad they aren't.
LOL Notice the Texan flag on the first one and the Alaskan flag on the second. =D Seriously though, I love Alaska! =D =D =D

Our beautiful room at the Sockeye Inn.

Me texting.

Um, yeah, it was a really nice room.

Pretty mountain!

Same mountain.

Still the same one.

Yes, Dad loves taking these pictures!

I thought that this mountain looked cool because like a little blanket of clouds was draped across the top. It looks like a volcano smoking or something. =D

Behold, the mighty glacier!!!!!!!! lol This one drifted down or something. You might think that it just happened a few days ago, but no. That thing has been there for years! It's so cold, it just barely melts. Weird, huh?

You can see a real glacier between the mountains behind us. And yes, I am texting.

Still texting. But in my defense, I was texting pictures of the glacier piece to everyone. =D

That was a nice car. I loved it. =D
Then we went hiking up to by a real glacier. I had to wear tennis shoes, so my foot hurt a lot, and it took us a long time. If you're wondering why I am not wearing my coat, I had a fever from the infection, plus it was exhausting limping up there! But it was worth it.....I think. =D
See the glacier in front of Christy?

There was like a river running under the ice and snow.

Behind us is where the snow and ice caved in and dropped into the river.

Another one of these pictures. Dad doesn't like asking someone else to take the pictures. =)

=D Even there, you can see that I'm standing on tiptoe on one foot.

I thought that this sign was funny. =D


Dad was sure that this plant was fireweed, so he took a picture of it. (By the way, it turned out not to be) lol =D
A Different Day...
Here we are at the docks, trying to pick out a good fishing boat to take us halibut fishing. Yes, it was cold!

Okay, we were driving back, and saw a black bear walking along! You can just barely see the little black dot in the picture, but it's there! =D

We ate at this ridiculously over-priced and over-rated restaurant. Bad!

That's the Sockeye Inn behind us.

Another picture of it.

Sorry ya'll, that's all for now! I have three times this many pictures at least, so I would probably be here for the rest of my life, uploading and captioning them. =D More coming up soon!


Emily Ann said...

Ooh. Awesome pics Taylor. =D How's your foot doing now??? Does it still hurt?

In Christ,

Eldarwen said...

I hope your foot is better!! Loved the pics! :D :D :D Wish I could've been there! :(

☪Dreamstar said...

Sounds like you had a lot of fun!!